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20 Pictures Of College Students Who Couldn’t Even Deal With Finals

20 Pictures Of College Students Who Couldn’t Even Deal With Finals

Ahh finals, don’t you just love that week where you cram for finals, drink lots of coffee, and hope that you make it through.  We all hit the wall at some point, we’ve all been there including me.  For these college students, this wall hit them when they were in a public place, the library.  So enjoy these college students who couldn’t deal with finals, maybe you can even relate! Here are 20 pictures of college students who couldn’t even deal with finals!

1. Putting two chairs together to make a bigger chair

2. I’m sorry, but how is this comfortable?

3. Is that a sleeping bag, or a blanket, the world may never know

4. This guy knew that it was going to be a long night, might as well make camp right?


5. Uhmmmmm….okay?

6. Friends who study together, sleep together

7. You gotta do what you gotta do

8. Wherever you feel comfortable, I guess

9. This is why comfy chairs probably aren’t the best idea

10. Notice the tiny pillow that is being used

11. It was all too much to handle!

12. This girl got famous for falling a sleep in a chair…

13. The computer is even asleep right there with him!

14. Not even the coffee could help…

15. He couldn’t deal..

16. I think she thinks that if she keeps both of her hands on her textbooks that she is absorbing the information from her fingertips.

17. She was prepared, she knew it would come to this.

18. Okay then…


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19. Finals week got the best of them.

20. Fell asleep mid-sentence..

21. Surprise Bonus!

Even elf on the shelf knows the struggle of finals!

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