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10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

All relationships have to start somewhere and sometimes we have to get the conversation going. These are pick up lines that work on any guy!

Sometimes we overthink the pick up lines we use when we want to start a conversation with a guy. Taking control of the situation and being the conversation starter makes things a lot easier.  It can be as simple as introducing yourself to get things going and doesn’t require as much work as we think. All relationships have to start somewhere, so try these different pick up lines that will work on any guy, at any time.

1. The cute guy at the gym

So, you’ve had your eye on the cute guy who is always lifting. Go over and ask him to spot you while you do your reps and it’ll get the conversation going. You both like to work out so that’s a great place to start.

10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

2. When you’re at the bar

If you see that he is waiting for a drink, simply ask him what he is drinking. Take it a step further and ask him what you should order, it’ll make him feel important because you ask his opinion.

10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

3. The boy in the band T

Who cares if you have NEVER heard of the band that is on his shirt; quickly Google it and bring it up in a conversation. “OMG have you heard their new song *insert name*”. He will love that you’re into the music he likes (if you aren’t into it, wait to break the news to him until at least the second date).

10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

4. Introduce yourself

Take a chance and walk up to the guy and tell him with confidence “Hi my name is so & so and I just think you’re really cute”. If it gets awkward, simply say you have to go, otherwise he will admire the confidence and will most likely want to talk to you.

5. Standing in line at Chipotle

If you noticed that the guy behind you is super attractive, turn around and make a joke about how ridiculously long it is taking to order the food. If he responds to it, then go ahead and keep the convo going, otherwise turn around and order your food. No harm done.

6. The “you look familiar line”

When you get the opportunity to talk to the guy you’ve had your eye on, go up to him and start the conversation by saying “you look so familiar”. This line never fails.

10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

7.  The guy from your class

“Hey, I missed what the assignment for tomorrow was, do you know?” This will absolutely work. After he gives you a response, simply keep it going and reel him in.

8. Slide into their DMs

If you follow the guy you’re into on social media, send them a message and don’t be afraid to be forward. “Let’s hangout tonight” or “What’re you doing later” are the easiest lines to use and will get you a quick response.

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10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

9. Compliments will almost always work

Men love hearing compliments, so let him know that he’s looking good when you’re out. A simple “That shirt looks so good on you” will give him a boost of confidence and he will definitely want to conversate with you.

10. He’s always listening to music

If the hottie with the headphones is the guy you want to talk to, then simply ask him what he’s listening to. Hopefully it is someone you like and if it’s not, then ask him about the artist. He clearly loves music so make that the point of the conversation and go from there.

10 Pick Up Lines That Work On Any Guy

Have you tried any of these pick up lines!? Share your experience in the comments below!

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