15 Photos That’ll Make You Wish You Were Starting At NAU Tomorrow

If you have already made the wise decision to become a Northern Arizona University Lumberjack then I know I do not need to reassure you that you made an excellent choice! I will, however, make you wish that you were moving up to join the 7000’s sooner than August! Here are 15 pictures that’ll make you wish you were starting at NAU tomorrow!

1. Waking up to this view everyday

One of the perks of living at a 7,000 ft. elevation is living at the base of the beautiful Mount Humphreys. And I know what you must be thinking, but no it’s not fake. As an NAU student you get to gaze up at these beautiful peaks every morning; and trust me, it’s so much better in the winter!

2. Stargazing

Flagstaff is a dark sky city. This means that the city limits the city lights so that residents get to enjoy the night sky’s natural lights. So if star gazing is your cup of tea, then this is what you have to look forward to.

3. Dogs on campus

You are almost guaranteed to run into at least one furry friend on your way to class. But, on top of that, the university brings in dogs a couple times per semester to de-stress us students. I mean – what more could you ask for?!

4. So many coffee shops

NAU has coffee shops spread out all across campus so there is no need to worry that you won’t get your pre-class caffeine fix. There are 6 cafés to supply your cup-of-joe throughout the day. The best part is, they take meal swipes and dining dollars!

5. Seasons

Ask most people from Arizona if there are seasons and they will tell you no. This is mostly true and as a 17-year resident of Arizona, I can vouch; but, Flagstaff decided not to conform with the rest of the states. Lucky for us, we get the most beautiful trees as we move up to start school in August/September.

6. Free T-Shirts

Every year, NAU students come together to create the new “Kiss My Axe” shirt. Best part is, you can usually get this t-shirt for free by going to the welcome week events and the first games of the season! Go Jacks!

7. Slacklining

Ever seen crazy facebook videos of people doing flips on a tightrope? Well that happens in real life on our campus. Even if you, like me, can’t keep your balance, you still get a great show on your walk between classes by just watching.

8. Hammocks

If you have ever wanted to hang between the trees and nap your stress away, this is the place for you. When the weather is nice, and ya know not a blizzard, you can look forward to plenty of trees that are ideal places to hang your hammock.

9. Easy access to the slopes

Because we’re located at the bottom of Humphrey’s, you are in prime location to get to Snow Bowl and fulfill all your winter-sport dreams. Pro-Tip: you can take skiing/snowboarding as a class and get class credit to enjoy the fresh powder.

10. Sledding on Campus

If you can’t make it up to Humphrey’s to play in the snow, you can always walk right outside your dorm room. Swing by Walmart to grab a sled and have some fun!

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11. Homecoming parade

Ever wanted to walk in a parade, well now you can! Represent your hall or club by joining in on the homecoming parade! If your float is good enough you may even be able to win some prizes 😉

12. Homecoming carnival

Yes that’s right, we have an annual carnival. And guess what? It’s FREE! Enjoy a full night of carnival rides and a fun evening with friends!

13. Perfect spots for insta-worthy-selfies

Right when you get to campus, head out of town towards the mountain and you will find the most beautiful field of yellow wildflowers. Perfect location for getting a photoshoot in with your new roomie!

14. Proximity to Nature

Being in Flagstaff is the perfect location to get into nature. With amazing places like the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend being a few hours drive away, there is no shortage of adventures to be had. Go explore!

15. Lowell Observatory

Make the drive up to the Lowell Lookout and get the perfect view of our stunning campus. Not only is this location a beautiful view, but it is the observatory where Pluto was found, so don’t try to tell us that Pluto is not a planet!

These are just some of the best parts about starting at NAU and being a lumberjack! There is so much more but you will just have to join us up north to find those out! See you in the fall!
Taylor Harvey

Coffee drinker, french fry enthusiast, music lover, and avid traveler.

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