15 Photos That Prove Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Still Crazy In Love

Since they started dating in the early 2000s, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been going strong ever since. They have been married for some time and have kids together. Their love continues to blossom, as evidenced in these photos from over the past few years. Here are 15 photos that prove Beyonce and Jay-Z are still crazy in love.

1. October 3, 2015

This photo is a throwback to early October 2015. It shows Jay-Z hugging Beyonce from the back. They both have the biggest smiles on their faces.

2. October 15, 2015

Bey’s got the glow of the sun in her eyes and a kiss from Jay-Z on the cheek. They look so happy together and are totally adorable to boot!

3. November 22, 2015

This photo shows the couple looking elegant at an event. Though the camera does not depict them showing PDA, they still appear happy and content together.

4. July 28, 2017

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. This photo depicts Jay-Z and Beyonce in Paris, with Jay-Z kissing Bey on the cheek in front of the Eiffel Tower. Cuteness overload!

5. August 23, 2016

This photo depicts Jay-Z with an arm across Queen Bey. They are both smiling and look super content and in love with each other.

6. November 1, 2016

In this photo from November 1, 2016, the couple is pictured with their daughter. The couple is leaning in towards each other, despite the distance between them.

7. November 6, 2016

Jay-Z looks like he is trying to prevent his wife from falling down a step. They both look so happy together and could not be cuter.

8. April 4, 2017

Beyonce and Jay-Z are holding hands in this shadow shot of them. There is a quote over the photo that reads, “I don’t really need these fingers if I don’t get to touch your spine.” Too cute!

9. May 21, 2017

Beyonce is very much pregnant is this photo from May 2017. She and her husband are looking at each other with the biggest grins on their faces and are holding hands.

10. July 14, 2017

This photo from back in July is so precious. They are holding each other near and are looking each other intensely in the eyes. You can almost feel the love oozing from their souls.

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11. November 3, 2017

They are both wearing a matching color scheme. They look so happy together, even holding each other close. Too cute!

12. December 24, 2017

Even though they have been together for years, they are not afraid to show public affection by holding hands. They are also both wearing black, which is adorable!

13. January 19, 2018

Though they are not smiling, they are connected by touch. They look pretty content overall.

14. March 20, 2018

Look at the way Bey is looking at her husband! How much more love could her eyes and smile hold? She looks so in love!

15. April 29, 2018

This photo shows Jay-Z on the phone with Beyonce looking off to the side. However, they both look insanely calm and happy.

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Featured image source: pinterest.com
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