15 Photos That’ll Make You Wish You Were Starting At UIUC Tomorrow

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign may be known for corn fields and engineers, but the 150-year-old institution is filled with absolutely gorgeous buildings and places that will make you want to never leave. Here are 15 pictures that will make you wish it was August at UIUC already!

1. Welcome to Hogwarts! (Altgeld Hall)

2. Never ending roads for your never ending friendships. (Japan House)

3. Guess what they have during exams? THERAPY DOGS.

4. Grainger Bob and theย Quintessential Engineer – equality truly grounded.

5. Libraries on libraries on libraries – it’s a heaven for bookworms like me and an infinite resource of cute study spots.

6. You get the best of TWO cities, not just one.

7. Morrow Plots.

6. Some days the weather is harsh…

7. …but some days it’s like this.

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8. There are events all year long.

9. You’ll start loving orange by the time you graduate.

10. They’ve got Insomnia Cookies for when you can’t sleep.

11. Little creeks but so pretty.

12. Alma Mater is up with all trends, and she’ll forever have a place in your heart.

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13. Did you really think this list wouldn’t include this picture?

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14. So to sum it up-

15. See you in August!

Do you have any other awe-inspiring photos of UIUC? Let us know down below!
Featured image source: Pinterest.com
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