15 Photo Editing Apps You Need In Your Life

Don’t lie. We all edit our photos and honestly, there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

After being in a sorority and surrounded by 70 girls, I can attest to the fact that almost every girl I know edits her photos. Heck, even my boyfriend will as me to edit our pictures together for him to post to his Instagram. In this generation, it’s the new norm. 

I’m not saying to make your skin look like porcelain and shrink in your waist so much the door behind you looks bent, however adding a little touch up to your pictures is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are tons of apps out there at allow you to edit your photos and make them look simple yet jazzed up a little. 


Also, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you have to edit your photos. Of course you can do what you please with your pictures. But for my people out there, like me, who want to add a little something something and slap on a filter, this list if for you. 

The App Store is filled with an abundance of photo editing apps for a reason. People like to make their good photos look better. Theres no shame in that game. But there are so many out there it can be hard to figure out which ones work and which ones make your photos worse. There are also photo editing apps out there that generally have one specific purpose. 

If you want to take your photos to the next level without being over the top, the apps are for you. They are simple to use which is nice because nobody wants to spend more than 10 minutes fixing a photo. Some make drastic changes while others offer minor improvements, but these 15 photo editing apps will have your pictures looking great.


15 Photo Editing Apps You Need In Your Life

Also, if you are looking to amp up your Instagram feed, adding a filter, typically the same one, to all of your photos will give all of them the same vibe. This makes the feed look more ascetically pleasing. Whatever you want, these apps have it for you. 

So after scrolling through your camera feed and looking at the 40+ photos you and your bestie took, pop it into one of these apps and let the magic happen. 


1. Facetune 

Facetune is a photo editing app that millions of people are using. You can download it for free but often people buy the version because there are more editing tools that are available if you are willing to pay $3.99. If not, you can still use some of the features like the teeth whitening one, the blemish removing, the detail tool, the matte tool, etc. It only takes a minute to catch on to it but almost everybody uses this app to amplify their features. I mean who wouldn’t? It can turn the worst photo into the best. 

2. Colourtone 

Colourtone is a great app for people who just want to apply a filter to their photos. This app offers three filters for free and the rest you have to purchase. However, the first three are really great. It also gives the option to tone down the filter on the photos if you don’t like something too noticeable. They give your pictures the extra piazza you’ll want. You can also edit videos, make your own presets, edit the exposure, etc. There are lots of features to this app. 

3. Huji 

Huji became popular last year when users started becoming obsessed with the old time look it would give their photos. If you download the free version, you have to take a photo on the app to get the affect. If you purchase it, you can upload your own photos. The app is simple to use and will add that light splash to your pictures as well as a date like disposable cameras. You’ve probably seen a lot of their edits floating around social media and now you can use them too. 


15 Photo Editing Apps You Need In Your Life

4. VSCO 

VSCO is a photo editing app that people love. It quickly turned into more of a social media but regardless, you can edit your pictures of this app. There are tons of free filters to choose from and you can also buy filter sets that come with 5-10 for a very low price. If you are dedicated to editing your photos, I’m sure you won’t mind sparing a dollar or two for some extra filters. The cool thing about VSCO is you can upload your pictures after you edit them. People will do the same and you can share and repost their pictures. It’s a really interesting way to interact with people just through photos. 

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is another photo editing app that is similar to Facetune. You can crop, rotate, use a healing brush, add text, change the vintage glow and so much more. Another cool feature is the Retrolux which adds a retro feel to your photo. Like Huji, it adds light leaks but it will also give scratches and film styles. It’s definitely a cool app. 


6. Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a quick and easier version than regular Adobe Photoshop that we have on our computers. This is app allows you to use photoshop on your smart device to edit photos anywhere. You can make collages, use the auto-fix, they offer more than 45 effects and much more. The app is free and you can even add a watermark to your image. If you are skilled in editing photos and do it often, I’m sure you will love this app. 

7. Prisma

This app has more than 300 filter styles and they release a new one every single day. If you like to change things up, than this app is for you because you are able to add a new filter to your photos from the hundreds to choose from. They have the largest filter library out of any photo editing apps. You can also look at other peoples photos and gain inspiration from them. This photo editing app allows you to also fine-tune your pictures like changing the saturation, exposure, contrast, etc. 

8. Pixlr 

This app allows you to make quick edits to your photos. If you need to resize, crop, rotate, etc., you can do it all here. It helps to make your photos look professional yet so simply. It’s easy to navigate their app so you won’t be frustrated with something overwhelming. Another cool feature is you can draw on your photos. This can give them a unique and personalized touch. It’s also something thats been really popular in the last year. Pixlr has really cool filters that you can spice up any photo with. 

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9. Camera+2

This app makes for the ultimate photo experience. It has a feature that allows your camera to shoot the best photos it possibly can. You can use manual shooting, raw shooting, macro mode, portrait capture and so much more. You can also use filters on this app as well as fine-tuning but it really takes your pictures to the next level. If you are into photography, you need this app on your phone. 

15 Photo Editing Apps You Need In Your Life


10. Retrica

Retrica is a photo editing app that has over 190 filters to choose from. It allows you to express yourself in a unique way and make your photos stand out. This is another app that allows you to browse other users and see what they are doing. This can give you inspiration for your own pictures. If you want something vintage or something hip, this app has you covered. 

11. MSQRD 

This app is more of a fun editing app. It allows you to do face swaps, like Snapchat but it’s all live filters for video selfies. You can add whatever you want: monsters, celebrities, animals and more. The app will actually change the way you look and depending on your expressions, it will change the way the filter looks. It’s definitely something that can be fun and even funny. It changes the selfie game…literally. 

12. Foodie

Don’t worry, this isn’t an app for food. But if you are anything like me and enjoy taking pictures of food, definitely give this app a look. Or maybe you have a food Instagram and are looking to enhance it. This app has food on its mind. All of the filters and editing features were designed with the idea of food. It can help the colors pop and can help make things look centered. You’re going to have the best looking food on social media. 


13. Visage 

If you took a photo with your best friend who you haven’t seen in 10 years, want to post it but don’t feel your best, you can use Visage. This app helps to “perfect” your photos. And while I don’t believe in perfection, this app is close to it. You can get rid of any blemishes, bags under your eyes and much more. If you’re curious, download the free version and see for yourself. However, the free version does leave a hashtag on the photo so people know where you edited it. If you purchase the app, you are able to remove it. 

14. Enlight Photofox

This app has a lot of cool features. If editing photos is a hobby of yours, you’ll want to give this one a try. You are able to mash together two or more photos and add your own twist to them. It’s definitely for more of the creative people out there but it can be fun to explore it. It is similar to Photoshop but there isn’t much learning that needs to be done for the app. 

15. Pixelmator

The reason this was created was to make photo editing easy and accessible for everyone. This app can be downloaded on your laptop as well so if you don’t want to stare at a tiny screen, there you go. You can blend photos, do fine-tuning, add text and filters, etc. This app has everything so you won’t need more than this. 


15 Photo Editing Apps You Need In Your Life

Life is all about moments, so start capturing more photos. You will now become a pro-photo editor and its all thanks to these 15 apps. Don’t over think photo editing. It’s simple and meant for fun. Leave a comment telling us your favorite ways to edit your photos. 

Feature image is from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/212724782385601474/