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20 Signs You’re From Philadelphia

20 Signs You’re From Philadelphia

People from Philly take pride in sports teams, art, and most importantly, the food! Here are 20 signs you are from Philadelphia!

Philadelphians are passionate people. We take pride in our sports, our art, and most importantly, our food! In a few weeks, I will be off to West Chester University. I hope that, through this article, I am able to unify my fellow Philadelphia Golden Rams. From our sights to our colloquialisms, here are 20 signs you’re from Philly!

1. You’re able to recite the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

By the time you reached kindergarten, you could confidently sing along to this old-school, city-wide anthem.

2. Our slang is practically second nature.

Jawn, boul, drawlin’. The list is endless.


3. You remember Philly Jesus.

You have seen him at least once preaching outside of City Hall, or have taken a picture with him in LOVE Park.

4. And the Cosplay Spider-Men.

The two iconic Cosplay Spider-Men can also be found near City Hall (but unlike Philly Jesus, no on has identified them yet).

5. You cross the street only on red lights.

Or you avoid buying a soft pretzel from the guy standing in the middle of the street while waiting at a red light.


6. You only know the SEPTA Market-Frankford Line by one name.

It’s the “El”. It should be avoided at all costs in the afternoon on schooldays.

7. You know absolutely nothing about the Giant Clothespin outside City Hall.

Does it really have a purpose?

8. You show no emotion when being yelled at by children on a school bus in-passing.

They’re either shouting nonsense or trying to make quick and simple conversation.


9. You’ve been scarred during class trips to the Eastern State Penitentiary.

They’re always in October and Terror Behind the Walls? Nah fam, you got that.

10. And you’ve walked through the Giant Heart at least once.

No field trip to the Franklin Institute is complete without doing so.

11. You remember the day two zebras escaped the zoo.

Or was it the carnival? Either way, it’s a great story to tell. And if you went to School of the Future, you used it as an excuse for being late to school every morning afterward.


12. Water Ice is your go-to frozen delicacy.

Especially on the first day of spring (Free at Rita’s).

13. You’ve eaten at Reading Terminal Market.

They have everything. Literally.

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14. You know the best place to get a cheesesteak.

And no, it isn’t Pat’s or Geno’s. It’s Jim’s Steaks (don’t @ me).

15. You turn up the radio when you hear that one hype-man.


16. You were hoping to be caught in a scene of “Creed.”

17. School didn’t end until June 22nd.

Blame it all on those unnecessary snow days.


18. You can maneuver your car around almost every pothole.

They’re on just about every street. You can get tons of practice.

19. You haven’t really visited any of the historical sights.

At least know where the Liberty Bell is.

20. You have an unconditional love for the city.

Once a proud Philadelphian, always a proud Philadelphian.

Do you have any other signs you are from Philadelphia!? Share in the comments below!

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