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10 Philadelphia Restaurants That Any College Kid Can Afford

10 Philadelphia Restaurants That Any College Kid Can Afford

College is expensive, and finding cheap places to eat can be tough. But these Philadelphia restaurants are all delicious and won't break the bank!
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Are your friends ignoring you because you’re a hangry mess? Is your significant other rolling their eyes after the fifth “I don’t know… what do YOU want to eat?” Do you only have $15 left in your bank account to spare? Have no fear! Here are 10 of the best Philadelphia restaurants that any college kid can afford!

1. Waffles and Wedges

This restaurant is perfect if you can’t decide whether you want a sweet or savory dish. From the menu, you can choose one of the “favorite” plates or create your own waffle or potato wedge masterpiece! The “favorite” plates range from $6-8, while creating your own costs a bit more depending on the ingredients you choose. However, for $15, you could get a waffle AND wedges with plenty of toppings on both.

2. Chestnut Street Philly Bagels

If you’re in the mood for a bagel or sandwich, Chestnut Street Philly Bagels is the place to go! For $4 dollars you can get a bagel with cream cheese. Bagel types range from veggie to cinnamon sugar to whole wheat everything. They also have a wide variety of cream cheese flavors! If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, they offer pizza bagels for $4 and chicken salad deluxe for $9!


3. Matt and Marie’s

Matt and Marie’s offers a wide variety of Italian-style sandwiches and salads. An American-Italian, which is their classic Italian sandwich, runs for just $6.75, and you can add chips and a drink for just $1.25 more! Their salads are plentiful and will only cost you between $7.50 and $9.50. The restaurant also offers breakfast sandwiches in the morning if you’re looking for an early bite!

4. Rai Rai Ramen

Love ramen but tired of making it in the microwave in your dorm? Look no further! Rai Rai Ramen makes a large variety of homemade ramen. While a little on the pricey side, you can get a delicious bowl of seafood or wonton ramen for $12.50. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, they also make awesome soups! For $9.75, you can get a bowl of miso, shio, or shoyu ramen or soup.


5. Mama’s Vegetarian

Mama’s Vegetarian is a perfect spot for all your vegetarian needs. A latkes vegetable patty sandwich is only $7.50, and comes with hummus and assorted vegetables, which can always be saved for a snack for later. There are also tons of platters such as the eggplant or grape leaf platter, which are only $11!

6. Honey’s Sit-N-Eat

If you’re looking for a great breakfast or brunch spot, Honey’s sit-n-eat is a great place to check out! During the week, you can get a short stack of pancakes, coffee, and your choice of morning meat for just $4.95! On the weekend, you can get an egg sandwich for just $7 or a three egg omelet or tofu scramble for $12. No matter what you get here, you’ll love it!


7. Mac Mart

This restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for somewhat of a home-cooked meal with a twist! At Mac Mart, you can get a large bowl of mac-n-cheese with delicious toppings for about $10-$11. They offer a wide variety of bowls, such as Crabby Mac and BBQ in a Bowl. You can even create your own bowl to fit your own taste and style!

8. SNAP Custom Pizza

If you’re looking for a new pizza spot, SNAP is the place to go! $7.50 will get you one of their delicious signature pizzas. And if you’re willing to spend the extra dollar, you can build your own for $8.50! They even offer unique salads and grain bowls for $9, if pizza isn’t your thing. For $10, you can build your own salad!

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9. Hunger Burger

Located in the Reading Terminal Market, Hunger Burger offers an array of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and hot sides. They even offer breakfast burgers in the morning! Their chicken sandwich is only $6.50, and their single patty burgers are priced fabulously between $4.50 and $6.95. I definitely recommend the cheese fries, which cost only $4.50.

10. Hibachi 2 Go

Hibachi 2 Go is perfect for all your sushi and hibachi needs! The restaurant’s regular and cooked rolls cost only $4.50. So even with just $10, you can get two delicious rolls! Their special rolls, such as the Summer Roll or King Kong Roll, come in at only $9-$10, which is a great price for how much sushi you get!


These are some of the best Philadelphia restaurants- and the best part? They’re all affordable, even for college kids! What’s your favorite restaurant in Philly? Share in the comments!
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