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5 Pets That Are Dorm Friendly And Actually Great For College Stress

5 Pets That Are Dorm Friendly And Actually Great For College Stress

Sometimes a pet is exactly what you need to alleviate some stress and keep as good company. We all know that having a pet is one of the greatest joys and we always want to have one. But when we go to college it’s a little harder to have a pet, especially if you’re living in a dorm. It’s pretty hard to sneak Kevin, your golden retriever from back home, into your tiny dorm room. Even though you can’t have a dog or even a cat, there are a ton of dorm pets that you can have in your room. And what’s great about having these tiny friends is that hanging with them for even the smallest amount of time during the day can help with some of the stress that college often puts on you.

Feeling some anxiety, a little homesick, or kind of depressed because school is just stressing you out? No worries because here’s a list of 5 dorm pets that are college approved and actually great for college stress. If you’re looking for a little buddy, go pick up one of these guys and introduce them to your roommate. 

1. Fish

College is a busy time. You’re constantly doing something like studying, participating in extracurriculars, hanging with friends, working, and probably going on dates. Because of that, it’s a little harder to find some spare time. In this case, a fish is one of the perfect dorm pets for you. Fish are super low maintenance and actually pretty easy to take care of even if you have a busy schedule. They don’t need a whole lot of attention and they don’t necessarily have to be fed every day. Even though they don’t require a lot of attention, they are super relaxing to look at and fun to have. Sitting and watching your fish swim around for a bit can take away some of the stress from the day. They’ll also bring a pop of color to your dorm room and you can decorate their tank with a bunch of cool new items. Probably the most sensible of the dorm pets, a fish is the perfect one for that first year. 


2. Turtle 

I’ve always wanted a pet turtle and just never got one, but if I had to choose from a list of dorm pets I would definitely choose one of these guys. Just like fish, they are actually extremely easy to take care of. Plus, they don’t take up too much room and can fit in your dorm nicely. You don’t have to take your turtle on walks but you can let them roam around in your room for a bit. Sitting and watching your turtle walk around slowly or munch slowly on some vegetables is also a very calming and relaxing experience. While turtles don’t really do much, they are still pretty fun to have and they make for pretty good company. And just like you, they know when it’s time for a break and nap. A turtle is one of the best dorm pets for those of us who have a busy schedule but still need a little silent company sometimes. 


3. Hamster

A hamster is always a good move. And a hamster as your dorm pet is a great move.  They’re cute, fun, and easy to take care of. They’re pretty cheap to buy and the upkeep of their cage is pretty inexpensive as well. They know how to entertain themselves and often times just love to stay and hang out in their cage making it easy for you to just leave them while you’re in class or out doing other college student things. Also, they’re nocturnal so they can stay up with you as you study or cram for a test late into the night. Buy your little hamster a ball or a wheel and you can watch them run around for a few minutes while you’re taking a break from your busy college schedule. A hamster is one of the best dorm pets for anyone really. 

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4. Hedgehog 

I actually knew some guys in college where their dorm pet was a hedgehog and it was the cutest thing. We would go over to their dorm and just play with the hedgehog for hours and it did take away some of the stress that we were feeling that day. A hedgehog is one of the best dorm pets because again, they are pretty low maintenance and easy to take care of. Similar to hamsters they do great in a cage and can entertain themselves with a wheel and something to roll around in when they are out of their cage. Hedgehogs are also super affectionate and love to hang and cuddle once they know who you are. You’ll have to hold them a lot when you first buy them, but as soon as they’re accustomed to you then you’ll have a buddy to play and snuggle with. A hedgehog is one of the best dorm pets because of how sweet they are and how they’ll help take away some of that college stress. 

5. Lizard

One of the more hardcore of the dorm pets is the lizard. A lizard is the perfect dorm pet for you if you’d rather not have something furry around. They have their own aesthetic and can bring a whole different persona to your dorm room. Again, lizards are fairly easy to take care of – they just need a tank and some food left for them in that tank. They eat leaves, pellets, frozen bugs, and will appreciate a live cricket as a treat every so often, which you can get from any local pet store. They’re great because they don’t take up too much space and they make for some of the best listeners. Need to vent about your stressful day? Pull a chair up to your lizard’s tank and just let it all out. Homie will sit there and listen to it all. A gecko is the best species of dorm lizard to pick as your first dorm pet because they’re small and not picky when it comes to food. 


Do you have a dorm pet? Do they help with the college stress? What dorm pet would you want to have if you could have one? Let us know in the comments!

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