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Petite Fashion Tips To Styling Boots

Petite Fashion Tips To Styling Boots

Petite as an adjective defined on Google is “attractively small and dainty” and the known heights are between 4’11” and 5’4”. Though #PetiteProblems can range from not being able to reach the top shelf of the grocery store to being stuck in the middle of the back seat on road trips, some issues petite girls do have easy solutions. (You can always ask the cute guy to grab the cereal or insist that the middle seat controls the music.)

In fashion, Petite is a reference only to the height, not the size. Not every petite woman is the same…. You can be petite and skinny or petite and curvy, you can have longer legs and a shorter torso or a longer torso and shorter legs! Just like every other woman, it is important to learn what best suits your proportions and body type. Most clothing stores have petite styles available, even if you have to look online. One thing that does not change when it comes to petite fashion, though? Boots! So here are winter fashion tips for styling boots this season.


1. Black And Brown Go With Everything

First off, it is always smart to have options. I have three sets of boots that I simply adore – pairs of Oxford booties, ankle boots, and knee-high boots – in both black and brown leather. (When I find something I really love, I try and find it in other colors. For example: the knee-high boots are the same exact brand and style from the same store, just in two different colors.) Especially when it comes to leather products, stores usually have a black and brown version. That way, you can coordinate your black boots with darker jeans and cooler-toned blouses and your brown boots with lighter jeans and warmer-toned blouses.

It is important as an adult woman under 5’4” to appear older than teenagers or children. Though a lot of petite women could and might shop in the kid’s department, even kid’s clothes can be elevated. This coordinating tip helps you by creating a more put-together and chic outfit. You can even match your boots with other accessories! I have brown and black leather purses if I want to be super matchy-matchy, but I also have gold and silver jewelry to match the hardware. The combinations are infinite and there are plenty of ways to stand tall and showcase your winter fashion style.


2. Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

Second, it is important to remember your proportions. Just as they say wear a nude pump to make your legs look longer or wear a flattering neckline to show where your chest starts, the last thing we want to do is make our limbs look even shorter. As mentioned, it is important to learn what looks best with your body. (I prefer skinny or straight jeans over boot-cut or flare because it draws attention to how small I am in a good way.)

This brings us to the first half of this winter fashiontip: if you are wearing jeans or pants, stick with the ankle or bootie height. This way there is a clear cut from the calf to the ankle and it lengthens your leg instead of shortening it.

Invest: Coach Outlet, Nadia Bootie, black leather.
Save: Target, Universal Thread, Brie Lace-up Boot, black leather.
Black ankle boots with dark wash jeans and a loose black sweater on top would be perfect for a day of window shopping in the town square.


Invest: Coach Outlet, Moto Bootie, brown leather.
Save: Target, Universal Thread, Cleo Heeled Ankle Bootie, in cognac.
Brown ankle boots with light wash jeans and a rose-print bodysuit would be perfect for a lunch date to a museum.

3. Knee Boots With Dresses And Skirts

The second half of this winter fashion tip is the opposite: if you are wearing mid to short dresses or skirts, this is the time to break out the knee-high boots. (I would strongly advise against over-the-knee boots unless you are wearing a tucked-in top with high-waisted jeans and a larger jacket or coat.) This height is traditional for combat or other laced styles and go perfectly over winter fashion tights.


The added material from the tall boots helps balance out the lack of material from the skirts or dresses. This way there is a balance with the thighs and calves, and one does not look shorter or longer than the other.

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Invest: Coach Outlet, Ingrid Boot, black leather.
Save: Target, Universal Thread, Tisha Buckle Fashion Boots, in black.
Black knee-high boots with black sheer tights and a blue-rose print dress would be perfect for a trip to the mall with your bestie.


Invest: Coach Outlet, Ricki Riding Boot, in walnut.
Save: Target, Universal Thread, Brielle Tall Riding Boots, in brown.
Brown knee-high boots with nude tights and a green t-shirt dress would be perfect for a cozy dinner on date night.

4. Seamless Look

A third winter fashion tip, that relates to the idea of looking elegant and mature, is tucking in the laces. Whether ankle or knee-high, if you lace-up the boots, instead of having a very predominant bow, pull it over the tongue and tuck it against your leg. (This would work for sneakers, too.) Again, this helps you from looking like a teenager or child.


In addition, if you wanted to add a little something, you can add decorative socks! Over the edge of an ankle boot, you can have a lace frill. Or just over the top of a knee-high boot, you can gather a small amount of a wooly sock. Either way, you add a bit of flair and fashion sense without compromising your apparent height.

Flawless Fashion

Late Autumn, Winter, and early Spring bring the need for boots. But, this year do not let those boots intimidate you. There are ways to make just about anything look good on almost every body. In the case of being petite, with these four tips you can look just as tall as the next woman! Comment down below any other tips and tricks for petite winter fashion.