Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas

Denim is the type of material that with good care, it is meant to last a lifetime! Made out of a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft part will pass under two or more threads making its characteristically diagonal ribbing, denim is one of the most used textiles in the whole world. Nowadays you can find jackets to common pants usually known as jeans, made out of this particular textile, and while it is very comfortable sometimes we might get bored of seeing everyone using the same jeans color.Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas

That’s why we have decided to knock on your creativity side’s door and bring you some ideas that will cost you a few bucks to make and personalize your denim items. To work on these DIY projects the best thing you could do is used a denim garment you already have in your closet or someone’s closet from your family they don’t use anymore or buy a second-hand one at a thrift store that you can retransform into a unique piece! Don’t be shy and let your creativity flow to create unique masterpieces!

1. Painting Your Own Art

Use your denim pieces such as jackets, skirts or jeans as a canvas. Take out your favorite color paints, pencils, brushes and whatever you need to start creating a unique work of art. You could simply write a phrase you like in a graffiti style, use an already existing work of art as an inspiration such as a painting from Van Gogh or any painter you like. Or simply make a creation of your own if you are a really talented artist. But if you don’t feel that confident with your painting skills you could also buy or DIY some stencils with what you want to paint and use those to create your personalize denim garment.  Definitely, the options are endless when it comes to painting on denim so be sure to be as creative as you can, and who knows maybe you will start your own small business with this idea!Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas


2. Crystals For Shinny Days

Maybe you just want to transform your denim garment by adding a chic element to your items. If that is what you want, then all you need are some crystals and beads. Around the market, you could also find some iron-on patches made out of rhinestone crystals that already come shaped as different characters or in some catchy phrases you might want to get to make the job a little easier. But if not, you could always get just the crystals, that can also be iron on, some sequins or beads to compliment the art you decide to work on.  This idea looks really nice on the hem of pants, around the stitches of a jacket, in the pockets of either jeans, skirts or jackets but you can get as creative as you want and apply it to your favorite part of your denim garment!Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas

3. Embroidery With Thread

Embroidery is probably one of the oldest forms of art in the world and therefore there are lots of ways and different techniques of doing it. If you have never tried it before, don’t worry you could easily find tons of tutorials around the internet and the materials you will need are usually easy and cheap to get, you might even have some laying around your house you didn’t even know where going to be useful.  The best part about applying an embroidery technique to denim pieces it that it helps brighten up the piece and make it look really unique. You could add your name in your favorite color threat, a catchy phrase or any object such as fire flames, the animal you like the most or your favorite flower to totally change the look of the garment. You could even ask your grandparents or your parents if any of them knows how to embroider and make it an even more fun project!Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas

4. Button It Up

Normally when we buy a garment at any store if it has buttons, it comes with an extra button we tend to keep them in a box and maybe never used them. If this is your case, we have an idea for all those unused buttons that will transform the way you see any of your denim garments. The most different buttons you have the better this idea will look. You could take your denim jacket or jeans and start sewing buttons at a random order, maybe in the shoulders part or the hem of the jeans. You could also group them up and make huge clumps of buttons or keep them evenly distributed. Another great idea is to previously sketch a drawing with a pencil and then start to fill up that drawing but instead of paint or thread use only buttons, the result will be breathtaking, and your friends won’t believe you made it yourself!Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas

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5. Decorate The Hem

The hem is one of the parts of our jeans we usually take for granted while we should be transforming them into the center of attention of our outfits, especially if we are wearing our favorite shoes. A great idea is to add no-sew appliques to the hem of your jeans, you could find lots of different types, like studs, spikes, pearls or beads. You could also fringe the hem of your jeans by using a cutter and give them a grungier vibe if you want to. Or you could buy pre-made fringe in different colors, pom-poms or even made out of crystal sparkles and add it to the hem of your jeans to forget about the common everyday jeans. These ideas could also be applied to the end of the sleeves of any denim jacket for a fun twist!Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas

6. Appliques For A Fast Transformation

Sometimes we don’t have that much time to spend in DIY projects and while we might want to transform our denim garments, we could ditch the project because we might think it could take us lots of time. But with appliques, you could have the job done in no time! An applique works the same as a patch, but you tend to find them in a lot more variety from shapes and textures. For example, you could find an applique of a flower that has rhinestones and crystals over it, while you might only find a patch made out of thread. You could make your own appliques if you have time with left fabrics by hand or with a sewing machine or just head to the store and get your favorite to transform your denim garment in no time!Personalized Your Denim Garments With These Ideas


Are you feeling creative after seeing these transformation ideas to personalize your denim garments? Let us see the result if you apply any!

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