10 Personality Traits Guys Have That Make Girls Fall In Love With Them

Men, that’s a topic in itself. A man’s personality traits are sometimes the niche that can make a woman crazy for them. Some men have a certain je ne sais quoi to them that appeals to most women. Here are 10 personality traits guys have that make girls fall in love with them.

1. Knows How To Make A Woman Laugh

Probably one of the top personality traits a man can possess is the art of being funny. When you make a woman laugh you are essentially brightening her day. Laughter is a healthy activity that apparently helps human beings live longer. In turn, being funny makes you the person everyone wants to be around. Therefore, you will be more likely to be invited to social events and seen as more approachable.

10 Personality Traits Guys Have That Make Girls Fall In Love With Them

2. Holds Wisdom Worth Quoting

Wisdom is a personality trait that comes with age. There is always good advice to be said but it takes wisdom and influence to really inspire others. A man who is wise beyond his age gives women a sense of security and hope when they are in his presence.

3. Adventurous Like Tarzan

With being adventurous as a personality trait men are subjected to a woman’s curiosity. Most women love the thought of an adventurous stud who fancies traveling the world. With traveling comes wisdom, confidence, and education that can’t be picked up in any school textbook.

10 Personality Traits Guys Have That Make Girls Fall In Love With Them

4. Goal-Oriented

If you don’t have goals it’s hard for a woman to understand where she fits in your world. Goals give you the incentive to work to achieve something you really want to do in life. This personality trait will have a woman interested in you fast because men without goals (woman as well) are perceived as lazy. Everyone has some kind of goal whether that’s hiking up the tallest mountain or putting a business plan into effect.

5. Corky Personality Traits

There is something cute to personality traits that make you a bit odd. That could mean you have some kind interest with playing in the rain, or can’t help but sing your favorite song when it comes on the radio. Your corky personality traits creates a solid relationship with your partner because you’re confident in yourself.

10 Personality Traits Guys Have That Make Girls Fall In Love With Them

6. Playfulness

Nothing is more fun than a man who enjoys having fun. Being fun is a great personality trait that allows for a relationship to strive and build. There will never be a boring day as long as you’re around. And that’s a trait that makes a woman go crazy for men.

7. Passionate

You’re passionate in your interest which means women will assume you will be passionate and faithful to her as well. Passion is a great personality trait that will ultimately add a spark to your love life and move intimacy to another atmosphere. If you didn’t know, now you know, woman think about sex too. However, sex isn’t just rubbing a body against another body. Women expect passion and love. So make sure you know foreplay is welcomed when planning to have intercourse.

10 Personality Traits Guys Have That Make Girls Fall In Love With Them

8. A Man Who Isn’t Afraid To Break Gender Norms

Men who can do the dishes, fold the laundry or cook every now and then are well appreciated. This doesn’t mean you are less of a man or expected to do this constantly. It just means you are caring enough and appreciate your girl and she will appreciate you too. These types of roles of housework should be shared and not expected to fall on either the woman or man.

9. Healthy

A man who enjoys a healthy lifestyle or playing a sport motivates a woman to keep herself fit as well. It may sound selfish but when you’re healthy a woman strives to stay on that level too. Be each other’s motivators.

10 Personality Traits Guys Have That Make Girls Fall In Love With Them

10. Communication

How many times do women have to say they want a man who listens? A good listener is a perfect personality trait that every woman loves in a man. If you can listen to a girl than chances are you will know what’s in her heart and give good advice when its needed. Communication is a top quality for both women and men. Plus it’s needed in any relationship you create. If their isn’t communication in a relationship then assume there is nothing there.

What are some personality traits you love in a man or a woman? Let us know in the comment section below.
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