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Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever

Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever

Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever

These period essentials talked about in this article will help your cycle week go a little smoother. It is crucial to find the products that will transform your monthly period experience, and that is why I am writing this article. 

Organic Pads/Tampons

When I tell you that switching over to organic pads and tampons will drastically change your period overall in such astounding ways. Your body can respond to the natural products in a way that decreases the pain of cramps, and your flow can lighten.

Most people do not even see a reason why they should switch to organic products because they are not aware of the benefits natural products have. So, I am here to tell you some of them. 

When using accessible tampons, most are not knowledgable about the toxic chemicals companies use within their products. These chemicals can cause some people’s cramps to increase in pain and can cause some to bleed longer. That is why I believe everyone should try out organic products and see how your body reacts to all-natural ingredients. You will see a difference. 

Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever

A Simple Rag

The next period essential seems like an unnecessary one to mention. Yet, I have seen many people struggle with feeling completely clean after showering while on their period, and they do not even consider this option. Use a rag. It is widely known that using your hand or loofa does not clean your entire body as good as a rag can. We can see this for ourselves. Loofas are not able to clean each crevasse of our body, but a rag can.

Many people see rags as gross and bacteria-filled. However, this is all depends on how often you switch out your cloth and how well your rinse out your rag. If you are diligent with your rag use, then you will probably change out your rag at least 2-3 times a week (4-5 times on your cycle). This allows you to use a decently clean cloth every time you wash your body.

Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever

A Hot Pad

The next advice I want to give you all is to use a hot pad when having aches and pains during your period. Heat itself, whether from the shower or pad, can be a beautiful thing. Heat the ability to soothe aches and decrease pain almost instantly. That is why I am suggested to use a heating pad during your cycle. 

There are so many different kinds of heating pads to choose from, and you can just about find them at your local stores near you. A great place you can find them in many different cute designs is on Amazon. This is such a great product to consider purchasing for those days where nothing seems to help your cramping pains and your body aches. It is an easy solution for your cramps when on your period. You should certainly look into buying this item!

Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever


Fourthly, I want to bring up using wipes. Oh, how wipes are your best friend during your menstrual cycle. We all know-how yucky ou can feel on your period and not just because of your cramps. You just do not feel completely clean, especially on your heavy days, and this is why wipes are apart of the period essentials list. 

Wipes do an outstanding job of thoroughly cleaning your private areas when toilet paper does not do the job entirely. I have heard that many people just take more daily showers during their period to help them feel cleaner, which you can do. However, there will be times where you do not have access to a shower and need to clean yourself up, and wipes (baby or feminine) are a great option to carry with you just in case!

Finding wipes that do not mess up your PH balance comes with trial and error. Try out different scents (or unscented) and brands of wipes and find the type that works well with your body.

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Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever

Pain Remedies/Medication

There are so many pain medications and pain remedies out in the world, and it can be tough to find one that helps with your cramps during your period. If you are similar to the common female, then you probably take pain medication right when you feel a cramp coming and choose to take them like clockwork afterward because you know when a cramp can begin coming on strong. Well, I am with you! I have personally found that Naproxen has won the award for the best pain medication I have tried so far in my book but use whatever works for you (Advil, Motrin, Tylenol, etc.). I do want to remind you all to only take medication when needed. This is simply because medicine is not the best for your health, so we want to make sure we do not overuse it unnecessarily.   

If you are not one to take medicine, then find an alternative that relieves your pain. I have found that medical CBD oil does the job excellently.  

An Exercise Routine

Yes, my next period essential I want to talk about is a workout routine. If you have noticed when you are more active, your period can become more tolerable at times. Your body needs exercise, and if you have a day or two that you feel okay during your menstruation week, then take some time to get your body moving. This goes for those who do not work out on a regular. If you do work out on a regular, then keep to your usual routine.

Getting active during your period can seem impossible, yet it is worth achieving. You will feel more energized and productive overall. Everyone is different, so you must try this tip out for yourself and decide if it works great for you personally.

Period Essentials That Will Change Your Life Forever

I hope that these period essentials mentioned in this article will transform your period experience for the better! Comment below which product you believe will help with your period experience the most!

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