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Perfect Winter Date Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Perfect Winter Date Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign

As the nights turn cold, what is there to do on date night! Take the guesswork out of it by going off of your zodiac sign! Below I have a list of fabulous ideas for dates that are both old school and creative to relieve your anxieties for planning for your next date night! Check it!

1. Aries

This kind of date would be perfect for the badass warrior of the zodiac. Aries lives for adventure. So why not take that on a date? Take your special someone for target practice (not on them no violence up in here) by throwing axes at a target. Aries will love the unique style of this particular outing. Do not be surprised if your Aries teammate wants to engage in a little friendly competition during this date, they are known for that. If you are feeling extra frisky, there are now ax-throwing bars! Yup that’s right, combining alcohol with sharp objects? It sounds like an excellent idea, especially for a date.

perfect winter date for your zodiac sign

2. Taurus

In their day to day lives, Taurus is known for being very practical. They tend to their affairs with their bull-like stubbornness and are able to channel that energy into extreme focus. For a date night, let us take a step away from that and turn to the other side of Taurus, their indulgent side. They love to take pleasure in the nice things in life, so having a date where you can make something together will appeal to their desires. Chocolate fondue is delicious and can be a potential sexy treat since chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac. You and your Taurus significant other can enjoy this treat and each other on a chilly winter night.


perfect winter dates for your zodiac sign

3. Gemini

At their core, Geminis are youthful and full of enthusiasm. They want to experience a date that is fun and maybe even a little magical. They are fun-loving and super social. So when it comes to dates they want to be active. A fabulous date for a Gemini would be to hit the ice rink with someone special. Whether they will be twirling around or wiping out, they will be having a good time.

4. Cancer

Cancer is a lover of people. One of their many gifts is the ability to connect with many different types of people. But the people that have Cancer’s heart is their friends and family. They are a lover of their home base where they are able to recharge after being out in the world making friends wherever they go. Cancer would REALLY enjoy a home spa day on a cold winter night. Massages, face masks and hot baths, oh my! Being able to pamper themselves with their hunny, now THAT is a Canercian fantasy.


perfect winter dates for your zodiac sign

5. Leo

Leo is considered to be one of the warmest signs of the zodiac. They are generous beyond belief and love to spoil the ones they love. And they love to be spoiled in return. They also enjoy being creative and appreciate the arts immensely. Seeing a play or ballet with a Leo lover will put them in a creative mood. They will feel like they a part of the show as well.

6. Virgo

Despite all of their methodical planning, they like to have fun too! Virgos are really sweet and will go to the ends of Earth for the ones they love. They are always looking to improve their skills. A fun date night in would be grabbing some board and card games and going at it all night long. They will be able to stimulate their brains and maybe some other parts of their bodies with this kind of date.


7. Libra

Libras are ruled by Venus, which means they enjoy anything that has to do with the beautiful things in life. This can include the arts, love your pleasure.  They love balance and pleasure. They cannot get enough of it. That being said, taking your Libra lover to an art museum for the day would be sure to get their artistic juices going and flowing.


Passion is the name of the game with this sign. Their intensity and need for intimacy are unmatched by any other sign in the zodiac. They also greatly enjoy intimacy with their partners. A great date for them would be a dance class, maybe the salsa or tango. Those dances are known for being HELLA passionate and dare I say, sexy. Getting down the floor will stir up that intensity and passion with their lover that Scorpio craves.

9. Sagittarius

Now, this is something the adventurous Sagittarius can get down with! Indoor skydiving is a fantastic way to get their blood pumping and have great stories to tell about afterward. This fiery sign tries to squeeze in as many adventures as possible in their lifetime with the people they love. Hopefully, they can cross indoor skydiving next off their list.

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perfect dates based on your zodiac sign

10. Capricorn

Caps are ambitious, persistent and realistic. They are very down-to-Earth and enjoy getting shiznit done in their lives. The ultimate taskmasters of the zodiac can focus their task-orienting skills while still having a cute date at home by baking yummy holiday treats. They can focus their organization skills on baking and spending time with their lovely date. These hard workers deserve it.


11. Aquarius

Aquarius are easy-going and original. They can be very playful and like to live outside of the box. They need a date that has a little adventure as well. The perfect winter date is a nice day of sledding! Fun, old school and exciting, Aquarius will shred those hills while taking in the sight of their significant other having a great time as well.

12. Pisces

Let’s get one thing straight, Pisces is just happy to be doing anything with the people they love. They just want to make memories with their lovers as much as they can. Since Pisces is very artistic, making snow art will be a fun and creativity winter date they can engage in and have some much needed time for self-expression. It is what Pisces needs.

perfect dates for your zodiac sign


Grab a partner and get in on one of these cute winter date ideas! What do you and your loved ones like to do together when the weather takes a turn for the chilly?

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