10 Perfect Outfit Ideas For Coachella

With Coachella just around the corner, the rush to finalize plans is real. While booking hotels and rides is important, the main issue is what should you wear this year to the biggest music festival in SoCal! Don’t fret. I am here to help with the top 10 trends of the season that would make perfect outfit ideas to replicate so you can look as amazing as Coachella’s lineup! Below are 10 awesome outfit ideas for Coachella, have fun!

1. Lower your neckline (and inhibitions.)

One of the biggest trends this season that I see all over Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest is the deep v-cut. This super flattering cut enables the wearer to accessorize with bold statement necklaces, body chains, and/or body art. Stores everywhere are selling tops, dresses, and rompers with this fad so make sure you keep your eye open for this sexy option.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

2. Shrug off that weight on your shoulders.

The off-the-shoulder trend is still going strong in 2017. This super trendy piece comes in all sorts of sleeve lengths, materials, and colors so it’s easy to find one that fits your personal style. Whether you pair a cropped one with some high-waisted shorts and gladiator sandals or a flowy dress with some heeled booties and hat, your shoulders will be free to shimmy and dance along with Lady Gaga.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

3. Time to line up.

This season we have seen a rise in the vertical stripes. Button-up tops, dresses, jumpsuits, and pants all come in the classically slimming style that creates an illusion of length. For short girls, this is the holy grail of fashion. Pair a striped maxi with some layering necklaces, heeled sandals, and your favorite pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready to rock out in style.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

4. Tying for the win.

Shirts that tie either in the front or the back are making a big show in this season’s street style. Open shirts with front ties act similar to deep v’s, a cute and flattering way of showing a little cleavage. Shirts that tie in the back are just as cute as those that tie in the front, but with a more subtle way of showing skin. Throw this on with your favorite pair of high-waisted shorts and finish the look with some layering jewelry and ta-da! you’re ready to go!

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

5. Modesty exposed.

Showing off skin doesn’t mean you can’t be covered up. Sheer is the perfect middle ground. You’re still able to expose what you want while covering up what you don’t. Sheer tops are perfect for showing off that adorable bralette or bikini top you just bought, a great option for music festival season. Wearing body chains underneath is a cute but subtle way to rock that popular trend while sporting this new transparent one too. So don’t be afraid to show some skin and embrace your body because you are beautiful.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

6. Bigger is always better (right?)

This is an outfit for us lazy girls out there because what’s better than not wearing pants? Nothing. Oversized tees as dresses is a trend popularized by style icons like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. This simple but fashionable piece can be worn with a messy ponytail and a pair of converse. I recommend wearing some spandex or some shorts underneath just in case.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

7. Layer down.

Let’s take crop tops to the next level this festival season. Bandeaus as tops is a cute and trendy way of showing skin, while maintaining that bohemian and summery vibe that’s ever so popular when the weather warms up. Paired with embroidered high-waisted shorts or a flowy maxi skirt with a slit or two and an arm cuff, this outfit shows your boho and flirty side, making it an easy and simple outfit to pack for your Coachella weekend.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

8. Kicking it up another level.

Over-the-knee boots took the fashion world by storm this past fall. So why not bring it into the warmer seasons as well? These tall boots give off a more kick-ass vibe compared to the booties and sandals we see all over Coachella season. Wearing them with shorts or under maxi skirts/dresses mixes edgy and boho chic together for a new and refreshingly stylish look.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

9. La vie en rose.

This french saying is most popularly translated to “see the world with rose-colored glasses.” Although most people use this figuratively, I mean it literally. Colored lenses are a new trend with stars like Selena Gomez rocking them. These are the new cool-girl accessory, leaving a more rock star and relaxed 70’s vibe.

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

10. Wrap it up.

Wrap-around tops and dresses create a perfect look for Coachella. With the flattering V cut neckline and varying sleeve lengths, this is super versatile. Wrap-around tops are a cute and different approach to the crop top. Using ties to flatter your body shape and natural waist line, these tops paired with high-waisted shorts and a body chain would look adorable. Wrap-around dresses are very similar, but eluding a classier vibe that some styles lack during festival season. So wrap it up and tie it with a bow and ta-da, you’re ready to go!

I love these outfit ideas for Coachella!

Do you have any more outfit ideas for Coachella? Share in the comments below!

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10 Perfect Outfit Ideas For Coachella
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