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25 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love Doctor Who

25 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love Doctor Who

Got a Doctor Who fan on your hands, but don't know what to get them? Check out this list of 25 perfect gifts for people who love Doctor Who!

With the rising popularity of BBC TV programs, you probably know someone who dances by waving their arms, wears a red bow tie and suspenders to “look cool”, or mysteriously goes MIA every Christmas morning – and if you know someone like this, you may be friends with Whovians – the colloquial term for people who love Doctor Who. Whether the geek in your life is a total and unabashed fan, or a novice in the Doctor Who community, there is a gift for anyone who adores the show that has been capturing the hearts of the British for over 50 years. Keep reading to find a perfect gift for any of the friends in your life who love Doctor Who – and no, this list does not include the air from your lungs.

1. Doctor Who TARDIS string lights for a well-lit geek lair.

 2. A sonic screwdriver  for any fans that are secretly time lords.

3. Doctor Who comics that even Lady Vastra would read (And Doctor Who fairy tales and novels)!

4. Everyone needs a copy of the 50TH anniversary special, of course.

5. A comfy t-shirt for a perfect geeky ensemble.

6. A TARDIS dress.

7. Some perfect jewelry for all occasions – even a trip to Gallifrey.

8. This familiar-looking diary.

9. A collector’s item figure to keep them company at any table.


10. This collector’s card game.

11. 4’s giant scarf.

12. This backpack with more room on the inside.

13. Cozy wozy timey whimey pajamas.


14. This bow tie and hat.

15. Fantastic mints to keep you fresh on every adventure.

16. A beanie that is too cute to exterminate.

17. These coasters can’t possibly be upgraded.


18. Not even grumpy Capaldi could resist such a beautiful colouring book.

19. This cookie jar that you can’t look away from.

 20. A super plush blanket to keep you warm during TV marathons.

21. This projection alarm clock that will keep you on time in any universe.

22. A decorative art print that screams Allons-y!

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23. A mug for Britain’s favourite drink (tea).

24. These expressive slippers.


25. This laptop or iPad skin!

(Admit it, you cried during this scene.)

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


What gift would you give people who love doctor who? Share yours in the comment below and share this article with fellow Whovians!

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