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Perfect GIFs to Embody the New Year

Congrats! You’ve officially made it to the year 2021! Man 2020 sucked, didn’t it? Pandemics, economic collapses, the shuttering of some of our favorite bars, theaters, music venues and sports multiplexes, the election of lizard people to the office of the President (this article is being written Pre-November 3 Election Day, but looking at the candidates, I’d say I’m not making any kind of bold prediction). So how do we celebrate one more trip around the sun? With GIFs, of course!

What kind of GIFs do you want this year? The GIFs that make you laugh? The GIFs that are so relatable that they might make you cry? How about the GIFs that remind you that there’s a pop culture moment that says just how you’re feeling? All lucky for you, there are all kinds of GIFs that are going to perfectly embody the New Year. These are the GIFs that keep on giving. Happy 2021! Let’s make it a good one!

You’ve made it out of the fiery hellhole that was 2020!

You’re alive! Wow, none of us expected to get this far, huh?

And now it’s finally time to party into 2021 with your sanity still somewhat intact

Break out the punch and party hats, because 2021 has no choice but to be better than 2020, whether it likes it or not. I’m watching you, 2021…

Maybe you can take this moment to reminisce about the good times you had in 2020…

Are we talking about the time that we all had to horde ourselves away to avoid an actual plague? Or how about the insanely deadly wildfires in multiple continents? Or maybe the increased push back to social protests due to racial injustice? Or how about the MURDER WASPS? Side note: what happened to the murder wasps? Are they still among us? Should I still be watching my back every time I leave the comfort of my apartment?  I need science to tell me where the murder wasps went right now.

Or we can just go ahead and open the booze now

Yeah I think that’s probably for the best…

Come on, 2020 wasn’t all bad!

The side eye heard around the world. I aspire to James Harden levels of nonverbal communication. To anyone saying that this year wasn’t actually all that bad, this is my only response. 2020 is the NBA Playoffs, and we are all collectively the Rockets as we get our shit rocked by The Golden State Warriors, who I guess are Coronavirus in this extended metaphor.

Ok, yeah, 2020 sucked eggs

Glad we’re finally seeing side eye to side eye. Remember when the bad things in 2019 were Brexit and North Korea possibly blowing us all up with nukes? Man, simpler times…

But that means 2021 has a low bar to clear

You can either be the woman or the dog. The choice is yours. Make it quick, because that bar is coming up quicker than any of us are ready for. 

So what’s it gonna take to start the new year off right?

Vodka, rum, Deep Eddy, Claws, Natty Light… Hope your liquor cabinet is stocked, because the raid is on. Mixer be damned. Hors d’oeuvre are passe and unnecessary. We’re on the booze train, baby. Next stop: a killer hangover.

How about a party?

Wait… did someone say party? Oh my god, I’m so unprepared, this is so embarrassing (as I proceed to pull out the Costco size package of Solo Cups I keep in my kitchen at all time. You know, for emergencies.)

Here’s your chance to dance your troubles away

Put on your favorite playlist of 2000s throwbacks. Pour one out for the late Eddie Van Halen and blast “Dance the Night Away” until the sun comes up. Cue up your favorite banger, even if it’s Cardi B. Hey, this is a judgment free zone. As long as someone puts “Watermelon Sugar” on next.

You’ll have to stay up pretty late

Time doesn’t even exist anymore, so who cares? Midnight might as well be 8PM. 3AM is the new midnight. Waking up at noon is normal. We are not held in place by the whims of time.

See Also

But you might just get lucky

Hey, it’s not MY fault you brought Kyle to the party. So he didn’t shave, his breath stinks, and he drank so much that he passed out. That sounds like a you problem, Becky.

So what can we expect from 2021?

A swarm of locusts? Water turning to blood before our eyes? Frogs popping out of our rivers? At this point, it’s really feeling like we’re Egypt in the Book of Exodus. Repent! Repent!

How about some unfettered optimism!

Maybe 2021 will be the year we’re all cured! Or at least maybe it’ll be safe enough to go out to a restaurant again. Keep that mask handy just in case, but who knows, maybe we’re closer than we think! (If you haven’t cued “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” by R.E.M. yet, now would probably be the ideal time.)

Maybe things will actually… go well?

If you haven’t cued “Miracle” by Chvrches, now is DEFINITELY the ideal time. It just slaps. We’re not asking for miracles, but if by some magical force we get one, I know I definitely won’t be complaining.

So let’s all give a fond farewell to 2020

Even Mr. Rogers, the king of kindness, is over this shitty year. Also I just love this GIF, and will find any excuse to use it whenever and wherever I can. 

And celebrate 2021. You’ve got this.

You’ve made it this far, and you’ll be making it farther too. Who knows what 2021 is going to bring, but if we can make it through 2020 in one piece, there’s nothing that 2021 can through at us that we won’t be able to handle. So here’s to the new year: full of weird hope and cautious optimism. Fill your glass and raise a toast. Let’s go.

Tyler Golsen

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