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10 Perfect Games To Get Your SO Into Gaming

10 Perfect Games To Get Your SO Into Gaming

Find out what games you and your boyfriend/girlfriend should play together! They are guaranteed to have a good time playing these games!

Have you been trying to find the right game for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend to play? Are the overwhelming mechanics of the latest RPGs and shooters a turn off for them? Well here are 10 perfect games that they’re guaranteed to enjoy!

Mario Kart.

Okay, who doesn’t like Mario Kart? If your SO isn’t already a fan of this classic series, they should at least already know what all the hype is about. The simple to learn controls combined with the wacky iconic Nintendo characters makes this a must buy for any Nintendo Switch owner. There’s even a player assist mode that makes it impossible for your kart to go off course. So even if your SO is terrible at the game, they can still compete and have fun.


This ultra cute launch game for the Nintendo Switch was seemingly made for couples. Basically, you both play as these adorable paper creatures that have to solve puzzles together. How do you do this you ask? Well, you simply snip and clip at one another to solve a variety of creative and funny puzzles. The game makes more sense once you see it in motion but trust me, it’s amazing to play through with a partner. There’s even a demo that you can try out with your SO before buying it.



Okay, I know that this one seems like a relic from a forgotten time now, but the game is still perfect for couples. Not only can you sink an infinite amount of time into building a world together, but there would be countless stories to tell. The fact that the game is on every system including my toaster also adds the accessibility of it. If you’re SO isn’t used to controlling a game in first or third person, then there might be an adjustment period. Besides that one possible issue, I’d highly recommend the game to couples that wanna create together.

Diablo 3

While Diablo 3 might seem like an extremely hardcore game, the simplified console controls make it highly accessible. If you’re SO isn’t so much a fan of cute oriented games then maybe they’ll enjoy slaying the countless of hordes of hell. Essentially the game boils down to both of you picking from a huge cast of unique characters and attempting to slaughter every demon in your way. The main appeal of the game is that both of you will find better loot along your adventure and learn more powerful skills as well. The game’s amount of content combined with the large character cast makes the game highly replayable with your SO. However, I would suggest letting your boyfriend/girlfriend watch gameplay before actually purchasing it. If the game is appealing to them, then you both should kiss your social lives goodbye for a while.

Rocket League

What if someone combined hot wheel inspired cars with soccer? Well, the result would be the incredibly fun game, Rocket League! This insanely popular arcadey game has entertained millions since it’s original release. The game allows split-screen gameplay online as well as offline, so you and your SO can’t lose countless hours to a variety of shenanigans. The game is currently available on every modern console as well as PC!


Enter The Gungeon

If you’re SO if the type that loves a challenge, then look no further. This 2d rouge-like will put their skills to the test. The cute art style combined with the countless weapons makes the game extremely addicting. Luckily enough, the game features two player co-op so you and your SO can get demolished together. You can find this indie gem on every modern console including PC.

Divinity Original Sin II

Ready to lose countless hours with your SO in a massive RPG? Look no further than Divinity Original Sin II! DS2 features countless quest that allows you and your partner to make huge decisions together. Not only can both of you create your own characters but both of you have huge agency over the world. The game is flexible enough that nearly every problem can be solved with a unique solution. If you’re both in the mood for something on the complicated side, then give DS2 a shot. I’d highly recommend looking up gameplay to see if it’s your cup of tea. DS2 can be played split-screen as well as online and is available on every modern console as well as PC.

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A personal favorite of mine, Tekken 7 is the latest entry in the legendary fighting series. The game improves on the classic gameplay as well as adds an awesome slow-motion mechanic. What makes Tekken 7 so accessible is that anyone can button mash their way to victory, but the game also features an extremely deep fighting system. The game goes on sale frequently and also has more characters being added as well! Tekken 7 is on all modern consoles as well as PC.

Resident Evil 5

Say what you will about how this entry holds up amongst the other games, but there’s no denying that RE5 is an amazing co-op game. Set in Africa, you and your SO will barely survive against the countless hordes of infected. The game may not be as scary as the previous entries, but the intense scenario combined with over the top action makes the game a blast to play through. RE5 is again on every modern console as well as PC.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This ultra-popular series has entertained countless gamers over the years. The impressive roster of iconic Nintendo characters and guest characters is astonishing. There’s a character for everyone to fall in love with and the game is perfect for newcomers. Whether you and boyfriend/girlfriend want to get competitive or play casually, SSBU is a great choice for any couple. Obviously, the game is only on the Nintendo Switch so it’s a must buy for any Switch owner.


Which games does your SO love? Tell us in the comments!

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