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15 Perfect Date Spots At University of California Davis

15 Perfect Date Spots At University of California Davis

15 Perfect Date Spots At University of California Davis

Whether you’ve dated before or are just starting to check out the dating pool, college is the perfect time to enjoy having a partner. What else can you do with such a gorgeous array of options? The hardest part about dating can often be planning out dates – and who has time for that, around all the other activities students have to do? Here are 15 great date spots at UC Davis for you and your partner to explore!

1. Mondavi Center

The Mondavi Center has tons of new and exciting programs to check out, with music performances ranging throughout various genres. Everyone will find something they enjoy! Plus, UC Davis students get a discount on tickets and there are lots of free performances!

2. Quad

The UC Davis quad seems like a pretty odd place for a date, but it can actually be lots of fun! It might not be perfect for a first date, but when you and your significant other have been dating for a few months, sometimes just sitting under a tree or in the hammocks and talking can be a great time!


3. CoHo

The quad is great for another reason, too: the CoHo is just across it! What better way to treat your partner than to get a drink and some snacks in a cute café after class? Not only is it convenient and close, but the food there is also always delicious.

4. ARC

This one might not be for everyone, but exercising with your partner can be lots of fun. (Or at least it’ll give you the motivation to actually work out for once!) Even if working out isn’t your cup of tea, there are other activities at the ARC that you can sign up for, like ballroom dancing!

5. Library

This one sounds like a total bore, but studying with your significant other can be a really good date idea, especially before midterms! Setting up a study date in the library can take care of preparing for tests, plus it comes with the bonus of spending time with your partner!


6. Arboretum

The Arboretum is a great place to take a hike with your significant other. Its variety of trees and ferns is absolutely beautiful, especially alongside the river. Best of all, it’s quiet and private – a great place for a first date.

7. Lake Spafford

The lake and accompanying park is a beautiful place for a picnic with your partner. It’s the perfect first date – sunshine, delicious food, and cuddles under a tree, with a beautiful landscape and a beautiful date.

8. Pitzer Center

Similar to the Mondavi Center, the Pitzer Center puts on a variety of different shows, particularly concerts. If you and your significant other are interested in exploring new types of music or want to see someone live, this is the place to go!


9. Music Building

For those of you who not only enjoy listening to music, but also love playing it, a date at the UC Davis music building is just for you. Perhaps you and your partner can compose a romantic duet just for the two of you. Otherwise, this is a great time to just mess around on instruments with your significant other.

10. Baskin Robbins

What could be more romantic than an ice cream date downtown with your partner? Just imagine – you guys could share a sundae! Otherwise, perhaps you could each get a different flavor and trade bites.

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11. ShareTea

This, or any other boba shop, makes for a great date. You could share a drink with the one you share your life with. Another cool idea is to try to sample every boba shop at Davis. That makes for several fantastic dates!

12. Mind Spa

After the stress of midterms, the Mind Spa is a great place to go to relax. Consider getting a massage with your partner or simply reclining in one of the chairs and talking for a while!

13. Movie Theatre

This is a classic, time-honored date. What couple hasn’t gone on a date to the movies? As the holidays come up, lots of new movies are being released. Go check them out with your partner!


14. Terrace

Upstairs in the Segundo Services Center is a gorgeous terrace. It tends to be private and has a great view of campus. Go there to study with your significant other… or perhaps just study your significant other!

15. Farmers Market

The farmers market might not sound like much, but wandering through the stalls can be a lot of fun and a great way to get some food, too! Best of all, it tends to be crowded – hold your partner’s hand to keep them from getting lost!

Featured image source: Eagle Era