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5 People You’ll Definitely Meet Your First Week Of College

5 People You’ll Definitely Meet Your First Week Of College

In your four or so years in college, you’re going to meet quite a few people, many of whom won’t fit into cut-and-dry categories. In your first week, however, there are five people you will definitely meet. We’ve made a list for you- see if you can spot them all!

5 People You’ll Definitely Meet Your First Week Of College

The First Timer

You’re sure to meet the person who is experiencing everything for the first time. First party, first drink, first time living alone, sure. But everything else seems like their first: first time going out alone, first time meeting someone with a completely different viewpoint, first time meeting someone who isn’t straight. It can be a little annoying to put up with the naïveté, but after their first week of college you can be pretty sure they’ll start getting used to everything. Be patient with the doe-eyed people- they’re probably pretty overwhelmed!

The Too-Cool-For-You Person

You’ll know this person on sight. They’ll be wearing something pretty out there, and only kind of pulling it off. They’ll be rolling their eyes through orientation but they’ll be doing it alone in the back of the room because they’re too cool to be friends with anyone else. When you talk to them, they’ll act disinterested and one-up whatever you say. Chances are, this is just how they’re going to be even after the first week of college. So perhaps avoiding them is in your best interest- not that they want to be your friend, anyway.

The Party Animal

If someone asks you at the start of orientation if you know of any good parties going on, you can bet you’ve found a party animal. By the end of their first week of college, they’ll probably have been to more parties than you went to in the whole of your high school career. Though it can be hard to keep up with these people, they can prove to be good friends. They’ll provide excellent stress relief but they’re more than just a good time. Plus, when you are interested in a night out, they’re sure to know where the best parties are! No one knows how to get over a broken heart like a party animal.

5 People You’ll Definitely Meet Your First Week Of College

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The Future Senator

These are the people who go to every orientation event, even the ones they’re not required to go to, and take notes at the sessions. When you ask if they want to hang out in your dorm after that seminar you all have to sit through on drinking responsibly they choose instead to go buy their class textbooks and start reading. There are a few of these people in every class- the ones who are dedicated to their studies, who have Big Plans. They’re great friends, as long as you’re not intimidated by how smart they are. They can also help you study for exams, provided you make sure they get out of their dorm every once in a while to make sure they’re getting a break!

Your New Best Friend (At Least For Now)

You’re sure to meet tons of people in your first week at college, but most importantly, you’ll make friends. You might not be lucky enough to meet your new best friend forever but you will meet your new best friend for a while. The friends you make your first week of college might not be your best friends for the rest of college, but they’ll help you get through the homesickness and the first semester blues. And if you’re lucky, really lucky, you’ll make best friends you’ll be celebrating your graduation with.

5 People You’ll Definitely Meet Your First Week Of College

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