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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At UCLA

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At UCLA

UCLA is full of lots of students, but no matter where you go, these are the types of people you always run into on campus at UCLA.

Our school is full of lots of students, but no matter where you go, these are the types of people you always run into on campus at UCLA.

1. Skateboarder going 90mph down the hill

Why do people insist on riding it down the hill when there’s a sign that clearly states NOT to? It is terrifying walking down the hill and having someone zoom past you at practically the speed of light! Tip: just don’t do it! Think of the pedestrians!


2. Tour Guide spreading lies

Skip the 6th step of Janss steps to respect the burial ground of one of the Janss brothers. Jim Morrison’s acid tab locker. The Underground Tunnels. The rotation of Bunche Hall. You only understand these if you’re a Bruin…

Orientation Legends- Jen's Model Feet - EL

3. Person you know, but not that well so you avoid eye contact

I met her once when we sat next to each other in class, but she probably doesn’t recognize me so I’ll just keep walking like I have no idea who she is.



4. Jaywalker at crosswalk

We’ve all done it.


5. Crazy preacher condemning us all to Hell

You’re wearing yoga pants? You’re going to Hell.



6. The huskies!!!

Every student at UCLA knows Princess and Elvis, the adorable Huskies that sit by the Bruin Bear everyday. Quoted from the Humans of UCLA Facebook Page: “Every day, I take Princess and Elvis swimming at the fountain between Royce and Powell. We’ve been doing it for the past 12 years. They love swimming and they love the students. There are a lot of dog people on the UCLA campus, but many aren’t able to have dogs while going to school. That’s why we visit. It’s good for the students, it’s good for me, it’s good for the dogs. Everybody’s a winner.”

7. Overaggressive flyer hander-outer on Bruinwalk

Sometimes it’s better to just take the flyer and keep walking…

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8. Obese squirrel

Squirrels are cute, right? Wrong! The squirrels on this campus are savage! If you have any food in your hand, you better hope there aren’t any squirrels nearby.


9. Student running to class

There’s always that one person who just has to have perfect attendance even if that means running from the Hill to Public Affairs.


10. Athletes!

At UCLA we are lucky to enough to have some of the best athletes in the nation, such as TJ Leaf, Lonzo Ball, Madison Kocian and Kyla Ross. Sometimes you’ll find yourself casually walking behind them along Bruinwalk or standing behind them in line at Jamba Juice, internally freaking out but remembering they are a student just like you and probably don’t want to be bothered.

Are there other people you always run into on campus at UCLA?
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