10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University Of Utah

College campuses everywhere are like a big melting pot. Each campus is different from one another, and they are basically just mix of different cultures, people, and events. If you ever decide to go to The University of Utah (known as “The U”) or visit our campus, here are 10 people you’re probably going to run into.

1) The Freshman Orientation Group

You’ve probably either been in this group or are apart of this group. High schools all around the Utah county does campus tours around certain colleges to get kids interested. The U host campus tours all the time for anyone that is interested in attending the University Of Utah. No shame, cant blame someone for being invested in their future. Chances are if you see someone in a red polo leading a big group around campus, its a campus tour of incoming and or future freshman.

2) The Exchange Students

You usually run into these kpop look alike either in the dining hall, or trying to find parking. They might ask you for directions on where a certain classroom is but usually they are in groups. They usually drive really nice cars, and I mean REALLY nice cars like an Audi R8 in the most bright, bubble gum color ever or some fancy muscle car. Not hating, just jealous (slightly).

3) The Commuter

Its no secret that the University of Utah is a commuter college. Meaning? Hundreds of students go to campus for classes then they go back home to their houses, family homes etc. The only people who stay in dorms are either out of state kids or kids who want to get away from their parents. The commuters are usually the worst to get in a group project because you can never find time to meet with them because they either are at home or the only day you’re free is Sunday and they are busy admiring the lord of Jesus Christ. (lol ok Becky, we saw you last night but ok).

4) The Advocate

Whats more annoying than walking in the mall and suddenly getting bombarded with questions? Walking on campus and getting pipebombed with questions that you really  dont care about. Yes Chad, I voted. No Chad, I don’t care for your input on this sudden life changing lifestyle, just let me get to my destination in peace. Props to these guys for standing out there, rain or shine doing this constantly.

5) The Protester

Sometimes people get really passionate about something and I’m all for that as long as no one gets hurt. People tend to put their all and emotion in to whatever they’re feeling and if its for a good cause, im game.  Chances are you’ll most likely run into a solo protest or a huge group depending on the day and time. You might run into Tracy and her vegan propaganda and how “it literally changed her life” or you might run into a group of old beards protesting for their soda cans.

6) The Gym Rat

Health and fitness is an important part of many lives. No shame in going everyday and furthering your fitness. I for one, love health and fitness but there always seems to be that one guy that is there 24/7, all hours of the day, grunting and slamming weights. He seems to only consume protein shakes and vocabulary consists of “bro” or “Can you spot me bro”.  You’ll go in the morning for a quick cardio session and you’ll see him there bench pressing. You walk by to go meet your friends later in the day, and there he is again. This kind of guy probably spends more time trying to pick up girls at the gym than go to class. That might explain why he’s there all day. (No offense to Steve Cook, he’s my idol).

7) The Gamer

The gamers usually would be seen in the library, in a secluded corner with four tables joined together with their fancy glow sticks and fancy monitors set up. Their hours of operation? Either late afternoon or late at night. Gamers usually provide some type of entertainment when one has been studying their brains out in the library late at night.

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8) The Sweats Crew

These students don’t care wether its 8am or 4pm, sweats are an all day, everyday kind of thing. You have the ones that get ready but wear sweats, and you have the ones that throw whatever they can on in the nick of time. Either way, its your college life, why not be comfortable while you can.

9) The Person with The Dog

Let me just say, that if you’re someone who brings any fluffy, cute, animal in a public setting, 10/10 I will come up and want to pet your dog. I mean whats more amazing than walking in to class, dreading the professor then you turn your head to see a cute little dog just laying there? It just brightens your day and makes that class a bit more bearable. Seeing dogs on the campus of the University of Utah is pretty common though, the U has a program called Labs for Liberty, which raises puppies to war veterans and its a pretty sweet deal.

10) The Greeks

Last but definietly not least, the Greeks. We’ve all heard them, we’ve all seen them. They flaunt their letters like its their job and have amazing parties plus it doesn’t hurt to have eye candy either. But what most people know about Greeks are the Hollywood version of Greek life. But in reality, Greeks all over the world, are more than just pretty faces. They have amazing philanthropy events such as Sigma Chi raising money to the Huntsman Institute, and Sigma Phi Epsilon with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Greeks are heavily involved on campus and the have a higher GPA average than the student body who arent apart of Greek life.

Have you run into these types of people at the University of Utah? Let us know in the comment section below!

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