10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University Of Florida

There are certain people at the University of Florida that you can’t help but run into on a daily basis – for better or for worse. Eventually you see the same type of people everywhere you go on campus. Here are the 10 People you’ll always run into at The University of Florida.

1. The Sorority Girl

She’s at almost every corner, always sporting an over sized sorority or fraternity shirt with norts and chacos. Stickers on her laptop a NorthFace Backpack and her favorite water bottle that her Grand big twice removed gave to her. She’s always put together though and smiles to all of her sisters, something to be admired.

2. The Frat Boy

He fears no temperature, wearing basketball shorts with a sorority or fraternity tank-top everywhere they go. Sometimes you’ll see them wearing a long sleeve fraternity shirt, but that’s only when the weather drops to 40 degrees. The Frat Boy will also be seen at Marston helping out his brothers with anything they need.


3. The Gator Obsessed

They stand out from miles away in orange and blue everything. A Gator shirt, Gator shorts, Gator backpack – their entire outfit was probably sponsored by Nike and cost more than a new pair of shoes. But the best thing about the Gator obsessed, is that they’re always willing to help out a fellow Gator.

4. The Athlete

Similar to the Gator Obsessed, The Athlete is wearing Gator items with a specific shirt designated to their sport also with a backpack that allows you to identify what sport they play at UF. These athletes exude school pride and are the heart of the school, we love them and they love us – it’s very mutual.


5. The “Rolled-Out-Of-Bed”

Those who literally wake up and wear their pajamas to class are the ones we admire most. Their fearlessness, their comfy pajama pants, and their dedication to still go to class is something we all envy.

6. The Architect and Interior Design Majors

They’re always in studio working on a project the night before it’s due. The consume copious amounts of coffee and probably live at the studio 90% of the time. Their dedication and ability to create and imagine these projects is amazing.


7. The One That Lived (At The Library)

They should probably start paying rent with how often they spend their nights as Library West. Their crazy study habits make you feel a little ashamed, but the amount of coffee they drink is more than a little alarming.

8. The Online Student

While technically enrolled at the University of Florida, this student is cooped up in their apartment for days completing their online courses. Always with their computer and a cup of coffee, these students remain fueled and focused in the comfort of their own home.

9. The Never On Time

Always seen running to class, trying to catch the bus, or speeding down the UF streets, this student can be seen in pajamas or a quick outfit racing to beat the clock. A tip from me to you for next semester, pick later classes, you’ll rarely stress about getting to class on time.

10. The Perfect Student

Always with her makeup done, hair perfectly quaffed, and outfit expertly styled, this student could have just walked out of a magazine. They are composed and overachievers, but everyone envies their ability to be put together and ready for anything – basically Miss Florida.

Featured photo source: weheartit.com and pbs.org
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Nicole Bianco

Nicole Bianco is a freshman at The University of Florida studying journalism. She loves fashion and anything Hollywood, so if you want the gossip, let her know! She’s from Clearwater, Florida but hopes to one day live in New York City working for a fashion magazine.