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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University of Arkansas

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University of Arkansas

Always Run Into At The University of Arkansas
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There are certain people at the University of Arkansas that you can’t help but run into on a daily basis – for better or for worse. Eventually you see the same type of people everywhere you go on campus. Here are the 10 people you’ll always run into at the University of Arkansas.

1. The person from Texas!!

Considering over 25% of the students at the University of Arkansas come from Texas (including me) this one is a no brainer.

2. Someone majoring in nursing.

This one is specifically for girls, considering 1 in 5 girls you will talk to is a nursing major here at the U of A.



3. The coffee-lover!

With multiple coffee shops on and surrounding campus, so many people spend their time studying at these cool places or just hanging with friends.



4. The granola (lol).

Arkansas is the natural state so it’s not surprising when you come across these nature lovers.


5. A club mullins fanatic.

Too often you meet people who live in the library (until they kick you out with their music at 2 am).


6. The girl in Greek life!

Because so many people on campus are involved, you are bound to come across someone that is a part of one of the eleven great sororities that the University of Arkansas has.


7. The person who loves slims and claims it is the best fried chicken ever.


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8. The person who loves the HYPR.

Most people in college WANT to workout but never really make it a priority. But, there are always those select few who enjoy spending their time in the gym and making the most of what comes with their (hefty) college tuition.

9. The brough-lover.

While a lot of the students freshman year dread eating in the dining hall every single day, there is always the occasional person who can’t ever leave!


10. The person that loves Hammontrees.

I mean it is the best grilled cheese in Fayetteville.


Are there any other types of people you’ll always run into at the University of Arkansas? Comment below!
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