10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Ohio University

Even though it has a large campus, there are so many people you'll always run into at Ohio University. If you go to OU, you know these types.

Ohio University is full of people, but no matter where you go you always will run into someone you know. Some times that is a good thing, but most times its an awkward uncomfortable situation. Keep reading for the types of people you’ll always run into at Ohio University.

1. The guy you drunkenly hooked up with and regretted the next morning.

You don’t know what is worse… the sex you had with him or the fact as you walk to class and pass him he tries to acknowledge you like you’re friends.

2. The guy you matched with on Tinder and never heard from again.

You match with a super hot guy on Tinder and he never messages you. As you pass him all you think is about how you guys could be married at this point, but he isn’t putting in effort.


3. The girl walking in high heels on the bricks.

Most girls learn their first time wearing heels in Athens that they are a no-go, but some still try over and over again to make it look easy. In all honesty, we all have at least once rooted for the girl to fall on the bricks.

4. The girl you talked to about being roommates but it fell through.

Ummmmmm… Do I  say hi to you or do I walk past you like I don’t know, you even though I do?

5. The guy or girl that thinks it is okay to wear Ohio State clothing every day.

You realize you are at Ohio University not Ohio State right? Red and Green are completely different colors if you didn’t realize yet.

6. Your professors that you have or have had.

What is more uncomfortable… Doing the walk of shame past your professor or them seeing you in your HallOUween costume?


7. The people you were friends with the beginning of your freshman year and never talked to again.

Hi. We used to be best friends for a week, but I haven’t heard from you in months and don’t really want to hear from you so I am going to stare at my phone and pretend I didn’t see you.

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8. The group of sorority girls that walk in a pack and all match.

If you are in a sorority you don’t see this, for some odd reason, but if you are not in one you know exactly what I mean

9. People doing the walk of shame.

For being a heavy drinking school we see plenty walk of shames, come out around 8 a.m. and just wait for the girls who try to act casual and the guys that walk around like they just won a gold medal.

10. Townies

The most noticeable people to point out are the townies… if you don’t know how to spot them take a trip to Skull for a night other than Wednesday


Are there any other types of people you’ll always run into at Ohio University? Comment below.
Featured photo source: courtstreetstories.com
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