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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Ohio State University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Ohio State University

Although it's a large campus, there are so many people you'll always run into at Ohio State University. From the library, to the dining hall, expect to see them.

You would think with 40,000 undergraduates and 20,000 graduate students you’d never see anyone you know walking around campus. False. The odds of seeing someone you know at the library, walking through the oval, or at the gym are very high. Expect the unexpected. Keep reading for the types of people you’ll always run into at Ohio State University.

1. “Union People”

These overly involved students are the people in love with Ohio State. They are normally wearing the official Ohio State polo or sweatshirt and always together. Most of the time you have no idea who they are, but you see them everywhere and they are involved in everything including University Ambassadors, USG, Freshmen Orientation Leaders, or Buckeyethon. You may even see them at parties or bars, because they’re probably in Greek Life too.


2. Tinder Dates

Yep. It’s one of those things where you meet someone once and they will constantly show up again. The encounter will be awkward, but you’ll just smile, walk quickly passed them, then text your friends about how awkward it was, and that’s it!



3. The Football team

Don’t be shocked when you see these red backpacks walking around campus or a group of huge guys running around Big Bar. The football players are actually very easy to run into and you will probably even see some big names around. Best idea is to not freak out and ask for a picture, but Snapchat them and post it to OSU Stories. You’ll get 5,000 views in a heartbeat.

4. Bag Pipe Guy

During the warm months, the sweet sound of bag pipes grace the oval. Bag pipe guy is known for blasting some tunes during the day and even taking on battles.


5. The Frat Star

This is the guy who you’ll see at every party and you will have met him a thousand times, but he will never remember your name. It’s probably cause he is too blacked out every time he meets you or he’s…just a frat guy.


6. Brutus

The number one mascot in the country will randomly make appearances hanging out cars, running through classrooms, or giving out high fives in Thompson. Brutus is always on the move, so make sure to keep your eyes pealed for him!



7. That guy/ girl you hooked up with at the beginning of the semester

This, like the Tinder Date, is also inevitable. Living in the dorms creates some close corners and being a freshman you all take fairly similar classes. Don’t think that there isn’t a chance that you’ll never see someone again, because odds are you’ll be walking down a hall or into a class and they’ll be right here.

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8. That one professor you can’t stand

You will constantly see those annoying teachers that are super hard or really mean. You’ll put them on your snap story and rant about how evil they are, but never talk to them.

9. Your Ex

Somehow once you’ve dated someone, their network of people and your network of people magically connect in multiple ways. Show up to a house party, they’ll be there. Meet someone new, they know them. Walk home from the library, they are coming out of a building as soon as you walk by. Your lives have been in sync for the past how many months or years and it takes time to disconnect completely from them, so you never have to see their face again. It’s a small world after all.


10. People you stalk on Instagram

You will pass the people who you see pop up on Instagram all the time and not realize how you know them. After some thought, you’ll realize you only know them cause you just stalked their Instagram page last night and you secretly know what they did that summer, where they ate the other day, and what outfit they wore out that weekend. Just remember, it’s only awkward for you…because they have no idea who you are.



Are there any other types of people you’ll always run into at Ohio State University? Comment below!
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