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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At New York University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At New York University

At New York University, you see different people each day. However, there are certain types of students that range from atheletic, to coffee addicted, and more!

New York University is filled with lots of people, but there’s definitely a few select types that you see walking around campus every day. Read ahead to see which NYU students you’re likely to run into!

1. The PJ Girl

She’s going to pull up to lecture a little late. She will have on a pair of old sweatpants and and maybe an NYU hoodie. Her books will be in her hand and sometimes she’s going to ask you to borrow a pen or your MAC charger because she forgot to charge her laptop the night before. She’s actually really nice and you are a little surprised when you see her at the Halloween party and see how collected she can be outside of a 9:30 lecture.

2. The Sleepy Guy

This is the guy who sits at the back of the lecture. He walks in and its almost like he came in planning his nap. He doesn’t bother taking out his books and just crosses his arms and falls asleep. You are a little worried about him. You almost want to ask him if he wants your notes, but you don’t know if its your place. Plus, he does this every class, so maybe he already had a backup.


3. The Athlete

These are the kids who always pull up with a hoodie representing their team. It almost makes you wonder if they own any other clothes. But, clearly they are very proud of their team and want everyone to know. You question for a second whether they wear it so you can ask them about it. You end up looking at them every class to see if they are wearing something new and you are a bit sad you won’t have class with them in the spring semester when the heat forces them to take off their hoodie.

4. The One You Only See on Test Days

This is the New York University student who shows up on the first day and then you don’t see him again for a while. You assume he dropped the class. But, then two months into the class when its time for the midterm, you see this kid pull up. You are a little concerned about how he will pass because a lot of the midterm is based on the lecture, but you do admire his effort for showing up for the test. After the midterm, you don’t see him again, but you have a feeling he will be here for the final.

5. The Sorority Girl

This is the girl who tells you shes trying to join a sorority when you sit next to her during the first lecture. Then a few weeks later, she tells you she has joined a sorority and complains about how late she had to stay up, but she couldn’t be happier. She then spends the rest of the lecture shopping online at Forever 21, trying to find an outfit for their next party.


6. The Suit Guy

This guy is most likely from Stern. He’s always rushing, typing away on his phone. He just radiates energy that screams how important he thinks he is. He also owns a trench coat and takes only STEM classes. You just know he interns at some top bank.

7. The Commuter

These are the New York University students who are either 40 minutes early to class because they were scared the train would down or they are 40 minutes late because the train did break down. In a way, you are jealous of them because they get homemade food and don’t have to worry about their laundry, but on the other hand, they miss out on so much. So, you don’t know how to feel about them.

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8. The Scholar

These are the New York University students knocking down the TA’s door if they get an A-. You envy how smart and dedicated they are. But, you are glad you know them because they are always there to send you notes when you want to sleep in a little late. They can get intense at times and get upset over a 90, while you are barely passing, so that get a little annoying.

9.  The Coffee Addict

These are the kids who walk into every class with a tall cup of iced coffee. You wonder how they can afford that much coffee and how they manage to fall asleep with that much caffeine in their body. On the days they forget their coffee, you will surely hear them complaining about how they are dying.

10. The Bullet Journal Girl

This is the girl with a colorful planner who writes everything in there. If you have ever seen that meme about the girls in class who write “Day 1: going over the syllabus,” you know that meme was about these girls. You admire how organized and dedicated they are, but you also wonder where they find the energy to do all this.

What New York University students are you running into? Let us know in the comment section below!
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