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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Michigan State University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Michigan State University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Michigan State University

With over 30,000 undergraduate students, the Michigan State University campus seems like a place where you hardly ever see anyone you know, let alone the same person twice. However, the home of the Spartans isn’t as big as it seems, and from going to class to spending Saturday nights at your favorite frat, you will definitely run into some very specific types of people. Keep reading for 10 people you’ll always run into at Michigan State University.

1. The Awkward Acquaintance

We all have at least one person that falls into this category. Whether it be that one random girl who lives in your dorm building, or the guy who you think might be in your ISS 210 class, you are bound to run into them much more often than you’d like; and each time it is a truly uncomfortable experience. When you see them, you’re not sure whether to say hi or pretend to be texting when in reality your phone is dead.



2. The Athlete

Athletes on campus are hard to miss. Typically, they have to duck just to get through the door and are seen at the IM West gym lifting weights heavier than you. Also, keep an eye out for the awesome green and white Nikes that every MSU athlete wears around campus. I’ll admit, the first time I saw Riley Bullough in Brody caf, I freaked out a little, but it’s important to remember that our athletes really are just normal students.




3. Last Night’s Regret

We have all had our fair share of crazy weekend nights spent at Sigma Chi (R.I.P.), Fiji, or Sigma Nu. However, this is every Spartan girl’s worst nightmare: running into the guy you regrettably hooked up with the night before. You swear he looked much more attractive last night in the dark frat house, but seeing him in broad daylight is both shameful and horrifying. There really is no way to recover from this awfully awkward encounter, you just have to walk a little faster to pass him and hope he either doesn’t remember you or doesn’t see you.


4. Your Mortal Enemy

Unfortunately, not all people you’ll run into at Michigan State are people you’re happy to see. Isn’t it ironic how the one person that you want to see the least is the person you end up seeing everywhere? There is a lot of variety in types of mortal enemies; it could be that one person from your high school who you never wanted to see again, or it could be that annoying guy who took your unassigned-assigned seat in your Chem lecture. Either way, every time you see them you have to fight the urge to flip them off right then and there.



5. Sparty

Obviously a much better mascot than our Wolverine rival, Sparty is iconic. He can be seen at every sporting event, entertaining the huge crowd of students, but he is also a huge part of what makes our Spartan community so much fun. Seeing Sparty happily walking down Grand River or skipping around Wells Hall is the best way to brighten the day of any MSU student.


6. The Walking Hangover

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone had a rough night. Maybe they pre-gamed a little too hard, or chose to take a few too many shots, but any hangover, no matter the cause, is always ugly. The Walking Hangover can usually be seen at the caf devouring every breakfast food imaginable and chugging water in hopes of calming their migraine and soothing their stomach. Last night’s makeup is smudged under their eyes, hair clearly unwashed, outfit a combination of pajamas and last night’s party ensemble;we’ve all been there, just let the hangover run its course.




7. The Sorority Girl

From t-shirts, to hats, to fanny packs, any sorority girl can be seen proudly wearing her letters on any article of clothing. She walks around campus chatting with her sisters about how much fun semi was or how hot that guy from PIKE looked at their social last night. With 14 sorority houses at MSU, you won’t go a day without seeing a sorority girl.

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8. The Go Greener

Dressed in green and white from head to toe, the Go Greener has some intense school spirit. They look as if they’re going to a tailgate before game day, when really they’re just casually walking to their 10:20 class. I too love MSU, and have no problem with anyone who shows a little pride in their school by wearing a Spartan sweatshirt, but a Go Greener is fully decked out in Spartan gear.


9. The Wannabe Frat Boy

With rush lasting almost all semester for any guy wanting to be in a fraternity, wannabe frat guys are a common type of person spotted walking down River Trail, heading to the Vet Med for math classes, and of course reporting to the frat they’re pledging to set up for a tailgate. You’ll catch them wearing the typical frat guy uniform: a polo, khaki pants or shorts, and Sperrys. With paddles stuffed into their backpacks and fraternity pins displayed on their shirts, every wannabe frat guy is patiently waiting for the day he goes from pledge to member.


10. The Eli Broad Business Major

They come to 8 a.m. classes dressed in business causal attire. They have a resume ready at all times. They successfully were accepted into the Eli Broad College of Business and for them, there’s no turning back. To them, marketing strategies and business meetings are becoming second nature, and they are some of the most dedicated students on campus. It seems that every time I go to the library, business majors fill almost every table. Meanwhile, I look like I just woke up and still haven’t recovered from the night before. Major props to you, Eli Broad students, I aspire to be you one day.

Who are some other people you’ll always run into at Michigan State University? Comment below!
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