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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Marist College

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Marist College

If you go to Marist College, you’ll be able to understand these 10 types of people you’ll always run into on campus!

1. The Athletes

If you take one walk through campus, the caf, or the library you are bound to run into a student-athlete. Of course there are many subgroups but for the most part, athletes tend to congregate with other athletes. Athletes generally are identified through their bright red matching backpacks or the color-coordinated sweatsuits they live in.

2. The Fashion Major

If you’re walking through campus and hear the sound of high heels or boots it’s probably a fashion major. These women and men wake up extra early just so that they can look couture going to 8ams. Trips to NYC are like trips to the supermarket for these majors.


3. The Business Major

Typically the business major is in business casual clothes and is always trying to land their next internship. Business majors do not really spend much time studying unless they have a minor in finance – then they will be using WileyPlus a lot.

4. The Education Major

Most commonly found in the library writing lesson plans for younger students, they are always worried about their workload and how much time they spend writing lesson plans. They typically look like they could be a teacher but a few just do not seem to fit the typical elementary school teacher type.


5. The Slacker

Usually, someone who shows up to class the first and last day of classes. They usually never have a class before 2pm but still, manage to find an excuse to skip. They always try to find people to do little tasks for them like laundry or homework. Somehow they manage to pass classes but it is always a mystery.

6. The “Pro-Athlete”

Typically this is a football or basketball player who thinks they are the next best thing in sports. They dress like they are always ready for paparazzi and are always posting things on social media about the NFL or NBA.


7. The Pre-Med/Pre-Law Student

This person can be identified by the dark circles under their eyes and leaves the library at 2:00 am when it closes. They are very serious about grades and always sit in the front of the class no matter how important the course is. They will be complaining about their long lab blocks or long history classes. Junior year is the time for either an internship at the local DA’s office or studying the entire year for the MCAT. To them, college is only the beginning.

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8. The Partier

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are sleepless nights for these individuals who somehow manage to function on minimal rest and long nights. 8:00 am classes are typically not an option but if they are, it’s a harsh reality most of these classes will not be attended. You will see these people every time you go out and they will most likely not acknowledge you because you’re not a regular.


9. The Campus Celebrity

No one ever really knows how you get to become a campus celebrity but every year there are a few. They are tagged in more Instagram pictures than they have on their own account. The average Instagram follower count is 5,000. The worst part about these select few Marist royalty is that they know they are famous and do not let others around them forget.

10. The Fraternity Or Sorority Member

Last but certainly not least are sorority and fraternity members. Unlike other schools, Greek life means next to nothing here at Marist. So, the mumbo jumbo of Greek letters does not elevate social status like one may think. If you truly feel called to the Greek life then a sorority or fraternity may be your cup of tea but do not expect Greek life to be all that important around campus.

Can you think of any other Marist College students not on this list? Let us know down below!
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