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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Liberty University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Liberty University

Here are 20 Liberty University students you will always run into. You'll learn at Liberty University to identify who these students are quickly because everyone knows everyone.

Liberty University; what comes to your mind? Come on now, be honest- it probably wasn’t something good. Don’t worry, I’m not (THAT) offended, but hear me out. I understand you may have heard some wild things about Liberty, but Liberty is a great place where you will find amazing people! I have made some lifetime friends that make the midnight curfew worth it. Not everyone adheres to the stereotypical uptight, uber-conservative, home-schooled mold you might think. Let me give you an inside look into the guaranteed people you will run into at Liberty University.

“Fashion Guru”

Now let’s start off with an easy one- the “fashion gurus.” I must admit, if I had the money, I would go crazy buying fun clothes that are more my style too, but getting all made up and that nicely dressed, BEFORE 8AM? Yeah, that’s a no go from me. Fashion gurus serve an important part in campus life as their unique sense of style inspires us regulars to develop some sense of fashion for ourselves. Time to change out of those sweatpants! Just kidding, they’re way too comfy.

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The one who seems to be friends with EVERYONE

If you are currently at Liberty, you definitely know at least one person like this. If you are a soon-to-be Liberty student, you’ll meet them soon enough. Here’s what I mean- there are some people, typically freshmen, who are out on campus making friends like it’s their job. I get the need to make friends, especially first semester, but if you mention this person’s name to anyone, LITERALLY ANYONE, they know who you are talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but this guy or gal is on every social media platform, at every campus event, and speaks to everyone that crosses his or her path and trust me, I do not have that kind of time.

The one who skateboards everywhere

If you plan on driving and/or walking on campus, beware of the skateboarders! A fair portion of the Liberty guys have some kind of board that they use to get around. I’d keep an ear out for those rushing wheels though because if they are late for a class, or maybe just speeding to the ROT out of desperate hunger, there is absolutely no stopping them. On the up side, there is a possibility that a cute skater guy wearing a beanie might accidently run into you and you end up falling in love… What?! It’s the Liberty Way.



The student athletes who don’t even know the rules of the school

I have nothing but love for the student athletes cause “Go Flames!” am I right? However, it would be a little silly to think that every athlete on campus is there for the Christian environment and the Liberty Way. I once met a football player who did not, I repeat, DID NOT even know that LU had a curfew! Come on now!

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The SHOE radicals

Unfortunately, this person is never more than a stone’s throw away. The “Shoe” is in reference to the tenants of Commons 3. How do you spot them? Try looking out for their stickers, hats, or t-shirts. They often travel in packs throwing up the horseshoe-shaped symbol with their hands and shouting the ever-ominous “shoooooeeeeee” that haunts the rest of us in our dreams.


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The one whose name you cannot remember for the life of you

Look, here’s the thing. Not every meeting will be an extremely memorable one if you get what I mean. You will eventually forget someone’s name and feel horrible about it, but don’t beat yourself up when this happens! I once went three months without knowing this guy’s name because I felt it would be too embarrassing to ask after so much time. Eventually I had to ask him because there are only so many times you can say “hey there, you” or “what’s up, kid?”. But no worries, we still laugh about it to this day!

The up and coming photographers

This has to be the Liberty favorite. If you turn to Instagram and look through the feeds of the LU students, you will find many, many, many photographers. Not to say that they aren’t wonderful photographers because there is certainly not a lack of talent on campus. It’s good to know I can easily find someone to snap a pic for me when I’m looking good and BOOM, I get the perfect picture for Insta.

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The girl/guy who just met the love of their life

Now I know I said that not everyone fits the stereotype, but this one is a case that you can find all too often. People happen to stumble into relationships left and right and if they are already dating pre-Liberty University, they are on track to marriage, hence the whole “ring by spring” deal. Maybe it’s the water here on campus, or maybe it’s the fresh mountain air, but everyone seems to be falling in love! Okay, maybe not everyone cause ya girl is single and loving it!



The stressed-out nursing students

Honestly, nursing students deserve a lot more credit. On any given week, nursing students can have exams, quizzes, and a practicum- and that’s just one class. Understandably, these nursing students are stressed, I mean heck, I’m stressed just thinking about their schedule.

The best friend you never thought you would have

Finally, you are going to find your best friend here. I know that sounds kind of cliché or like that could happen at any school, and maybe you’re right, but here’s what I know. I went to college thinking that I would never find friendships as solid and as meaningful as the ones from back home, but much to my surprise, everyone has been so friendly making it very easy to make friendships that matter. Give it some time, create some memories, and you may find yourself with a new best friend.

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