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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Kent State University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Kent State University

Even with almost 30,000 student attending Kent State University’s main campus, you are still bound to constantly run into people you know. Whether you are walking down the esplanade to get to class, headed to the library to hit the books, or stopping into the hub to grab something to eat, here’s a list of people you seem to always run into at Kent State University.

1. Your Ex

Whether things ended on good or bad terms, it always seems like no matter what, you always run into your ex. This person is probably exactly who you were hoping not to see and these encounters are usually pretty awkward. This is the time when you look down at your phone and pretend to be texting just to avoid the awkward eye contact.


2. The Girl You Hate

Every girl has that girl that they hate, whether there’s a legitimate reason behind it or not. Maybe she stole your ex-boyfriend, or maybe she’s just prettier than you. Whatever the reason, this hatred usually stems from some kind of jealousy and just seeing her can really put a damper on your day. Unfortunately, you seem to see her on campus constantly.


3. Your Crush

Ahhh yes, just the person you wanted to see. Usually you’ll imagine a hundred scenarios in your head about what exactly you’ll do the next time you see him. Then you run into him on campus and the butterflies start to flutter in your stomach, causing you to blush and immediately go from confident to awkward. If you’re lucky, he’ll talk to you. You then blank on the dozens of pre-planned conversations in your head and say something stupid and embarrassing instead. Then you’ll think about how embarrassing you are for the rest of the day. But who knows, maybe he’ll still fall in love with you anyways.


4. The Person Crushing on You

Chances are there’s someone out there that has a thing for you and you probably don’t feel the same way. Whether he’s a good friend, that guy you met at that party, or a stranger who is just overly obsessed with you, it seems like you always run into them. I’d just hope that it’s by coincidence, and not them secretly stalking you.

5. The Ex Friend

Friends come and go for many reasons, but this is the friend where things went bad and now you’re no longer BFFs. Regardless of the reason for the falling out, things are now pretty awkward between you two. The best thing to do is just look at your phone and pretend you don’t even see her.


6. The Over the Top Fashion Student

With Kent State being one of the top 5 fashion schools in the U.S., you’re bound to run into people sporting all kinds of street style. Most of these fashion students tend to dress cute and stylish, but there always seems to be that one person that goes above and beyond to stand out. They go for a bolder look by mismatching patterns and colors, and opting for more unique silhouettes.


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7. A Group of Sorority Girls

No matter where you’re going on campus, you will always, and I mean ALWAYS, run into a group of sorority girls. And if you’re in a sorority, you will most definitely run into at least one of your sisters. With 200+ girls in each chapter, they are bound to be everywhere. You can tell because they’ll be showing off their letters by wearing one of the many shirts they have acquired over the years.


8. The Skateboarder

There are many ways to get to class: some people walk, some drive, and some skateboard. Now don’t get me wrong, I get that it’s a faster option, but if you’re one of those people who choose to walk, the last thing that you want is someone zipping by on a skateboard inches away from you. One wrong move and next thing you know; they could be slamming right into you. How they swerve through people crowding the esplanade is beyond me.

9. The One Random Person You Happen to See Everywhere

This is that one person that you happen to notice every time you see them. For some reason, this stranger’s face is engraved in your brain and you instantly recognize them, but have absolutely no idea who they are. You seem to see this person constantly, yet you’ve never actually met them in your life.


10. Your Best Friend

Running into your best friend on campus is probably the most exciting thing to happen to you all day. Just unexpectedly seeing her can instantly brighten up your mood. You’ll definitely stop to catch up on each others latest news and end up talking for way longer than necessary, probably leaving you late to class.

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