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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Fontbonne University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Fontbonne University

If you've ever tried to study abroad then chances are that you'll definitely run into these different types of people! Here are some!

Every college has it’s share of personalities when it comes to the students that attend them and Fontbonne University is no different. Considering Fontbonne is such a small campus compared to most, it’s likely that you’ll run into these people every day or even multiple times a day. Although some of these types of people are common to most campuses, Fontbonne has a few unique people that you’ll always run into. Here is a list of just of few of the people you’ll run into at Fontbonne.

The Commuter

A large percentage of Fontbonne students are commuters, meaning most of us don’t live on campus and have to travel from our homes to get there. Often, you’ll hear students complaining about how bad traffic is and how they feared they’d be late for class. This type of Fontbonne goer might even be guilty of skipping class a time or two because they just weren’t feeling the commute.

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Fontbonne University

The Professor Who Seems to Know Everyone

Even though Fontbonne is a small school you’d think it would be impossible for a single professor to know every student. Yet, there’s a few professors that can be found walking around campus in between classes greeting almost every student by name. Or if they don’t know a student they’ll still greet them warmly as if they did.

The Coffee Addict

This is person can be either a student or a professor. You’ll often find them carrying some sort of coffee beverage, usually in a Starbucks cup or a commuter cup. Some professors will even walk into class with a mug of fresh coffee. If this person doesn’t already have a coffee in hand, you’ll find them in the library waiting in line to get their Starbucks fix. Don’t be surprised if you find out that they’ve already gone through a few of the free drink rewards cards.

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Fontbonne University

The Student Who Seems to Know Everyone

Every school has those few students that seem to know everyone, and everyone knows them too. Well, Fontbonne is no exception. No matter where you are on campus you’re sure to run into some one is super well known. They’re usually the student that’s involved in a lot on campus. They probably play a sport or two, attend a lot of school functions, and is a part of several organizations.

The “was anything due today?” Student

This student is more likely to ask “was anything due today” before they greet you. Some of them ask calmly, knowing that if something was due it’s far too late to do anything about it now. Others will be a bit more panicky, frantically trying to figure out what to do.

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Fontbonne University

The Athlete

For Fontbonne to be such a small school there sure are a lot of athletes. There’s no doubt you’ll find at least 2 or 3 athletes in every single one of your classes at FU. Sometimes you can spot them around campus in their uniforms or toting one of those sporty water bottles. Also, they all seem to be extremely tall, so if you find yourself standing next to someone twice your high just assume they play a sport.

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The Fashionable Student

This student clearly isn’t being drowned by school like the rest of us. This Fontbonne student appears to have way more time on their hands than the average student, because they always come to class dressed to the nines.

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Fontbonne University

The Puzzle Kid

You’ll find this student in the lobby of the library. Fontbonne’s library keeps a table right next to the entrance with a puzzle on it. The puzzle is there for any student to stop and help put together, but usually, it’s the same few students who are always seated at the table. You’ll have no problem spotting them around campus.

The Foodie

You’ll smell this student before you see them. This is the person that always has food in and outside of class. You’re likely to find them leaving DSAC or Ryan Hall with a plate of food, eating a meal in the middle of class, or munching on snacks.

The Super Senior

Super Seniors can be found just about anywhere on campus but are a bit harder to spot. Even though most of the super seniors look like regular college students, many of them have either changed their major numerous times or they transferred from a different school. Although occasionally you’ll spot a super senior who is a bit older in age.

Have you run into any of these types of people at Fontbonne University? Which ones? Comment below!
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