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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Florida Gulf Coast University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Florida Gulf Coast University

In college, there are certain types of people you can't avoid. Here are 10 people you'll always run into at Florida Gulf Coast University.

In college, there are certain types of people you can’t avoid. Here are 10 people you’ll always run into at Florida Gulf Coast University.

1. The one who is all about their organization

It doesn’t matter if this person is in one club or 30, all day everyday all they do is represent. At FGCU this is especially applicable to anyone in a Fraternity or Sorority. You’ll always be able to tell the Phi Mus’ from the Zetas because they literally wear their letters. Leggings and a Chi O shirt? Sounds like an awesome outfit.

2. The one who goes to the gym way too much

This person, usually a guy, will probably show up in your Gen Ed class wearing a muscle shirt and drinking some kind of powdered sports drink. You’ll always see them in the dining hall eating a massive plate of food and bragging about the amount of calories they need to eat per day. Yes, they may be intimating and make you feel bad about your current size but all you gotta do is remember that you can eat ice cream.


3. The one who looks like they slept in the library

Me. Me. Me. Leggings are your friend, you’ve worn the same sweatshirt everyday for a week, and you’re practically engaged to the vending machine. Makeup doesn’t apply during exam week and a top-knot is your go-to hairstyle. Your dark circles are almost as deep as the never-ending fear that you’ll never graduate and you curse yourself for picking your major. Usually its the health-science majors that are these people, but I’ve met some double major and political science people who also live in the library.


4. The one who is way too caffeinated

Curse the asshole who gave this person coffee. They do not shut up, they will not shut up, and I am too exhausted for their non-stop, chatty, quick-paced jitters. If you act like this with coffee, either share or shut up.


5. The one who is always too dressed for class

It will never cease to amaze me (an average person) how these Gods and Goddesses look so on point in the early AM. The hair/makeup, and outfit are all perfect and all you do is sit in awe and wonder how they look so good all the time.

6. The one who isn’t dressed enough for class

Yes it’s Florida. Yes it is hot, but or should I say butt? I don’t need to see your cheeks hanging out before English class. Be aware of the BBB rule- Boobs, butt and belly. This rule also applies to guys, please wear longer shorts I don’t want to be blinded so early.

7. The one(s) you hooked up with one lonesome night

Once upon a lonely night you met this person at a Frat party, you had wwaaayyy too many drinks and ending up doing the deed. The next day you did the walk of shame and never saw that person again, until now when you two accidently end up sharing an elevator together. Besides that awful awkwardness, what are the chances that you’re gonna see that person more than twice in next couple of years?!


8. The one(s) from your High School

You thought you were able to escape these people? Thought Florida was a big enough state? Thought you’d be safe and be able to start anew? Lol nope, not here. I’ve seen so many people from my high school here I’m convinced I’m going to graduate with half the people I’ve already graduated with.

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9. The one you forgot the name of

Is it Jackson? Janis? Alex? Lord knows if you’ll ever remember, just hope they don’t notice you forgot.

10. Your ex

This always sucks. Whether you broke up with them or they broke up with you, seeing that person in public always gives you that fresh out of the gutter heartache that you didn’t need before stats. But no matter how it ended, remember that you’re better off without them, and (if applicable) it was their loss not yours.

And bonus… Your BFFs

These are your partners in crime, your soulmates, 80% of the reason you still come to school, also known as LITERALLY THE 2ND MOST AMAZING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD (1st being yourself of course!) Don’t forget to give your BFF(s) a huge hug when you see them, after all, they’re basically pure awesomeness!

Are there other types of people you’ll always run into at Florida Gulf Coast University? Share in the comments below!
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