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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Chapman University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Chapman University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Chapman University

As a college student, we all have stereotypes that we see, make fun of, and are most likely a part of. Although we love our school #GOPANTHERS, Chapman University has a stereotype of being white and rich, but now it’s time to see what makes this white boujiee stereotype come together. Here is a list of the 10 people you will run into on campus.

1. The Frat Boy

We all know those boys who live and breathe the frat life. Not only are there consistent screams of “BROOOO”, “DUDDEEE”,  and “TAP THAT BOOTAY” but they have to continuously talk about how many girls they slept with and how much alcohol they drink. Although we know and love them, the wild frat boy should be talk to and taken in doses.


2. The Wannabe Frat Boy

Or in other words the fake bro. This wild inhabitant is a staple at Chapman University and should be taken with extreme caution. This is the guy that is “too good” to join a frat or just didn’t get in and is trying to nurse their bruised ego. Although a different breed of guy, the list above in #1 will give an idea of the wanna be frat boy’s behavior.

3. The Basic

Although usually thought of as only being female, the basic can be male also. If you see someone wearing lulus, overpriced workout shoes they do not work out in, labeled brand sunglasses, and a Starbucks drink, congrats! You have spotted the basic! This person loves the latest trends, gossip, and most definitely keeps up with the Kardashians. This person usually has his/ her two main betches and a rather large friend circle. The basic is perceived as having no depth but in reality their two main betches are the only ones who really know them.


4. The Sorority Girl

Have you met a girl who lives and breathes her sorority and is like in love with all of her sisters? If so, you have come into contact with the famed sorority girl. These girls could talk your ear off about their sorority for days and probably will convince you to rush. Although usually nice people, the sorority girl gets pretty sloppy at parties and will complain about the frat boys they hooked up with that never seemed to “pan out”.



5. The Wannabe Sorority Girl

Although greek life is not huge at Chapman, a lot of girls (and guys) do not get accepted because of limited space or so they say. The wanna be sorority girl is the sloppiest girl party in the whole school. We of course all have these girls as friends but sometimes they are a bit much. Although usually nice, the wanna be sorority girl feels the need to prove herself since she didn’t get a bid or just felt like they were too good for Greek life all together. They go wild at parties but we accept them with open arms for free entertainment and a good shoulder to cry on or gossip to outside of the Greek realm.

6. The Roomie From Hell Everyone Else Loves

I do not have experience with this but I witnessed the nightmares my friends have had known as the roomie from hell. When assigned a roommate the first thing you do is contact them right? NO, WRONG. The first thing you do is is lurk her on every social media possible. The roommate from hell looks like an amazing girl on social media since she has sweet looking photos with puppies and friends with coffee and everyone loves her… except you later. When moving in she is helpful, kind, and is probably your first friend on campus. But as you become friends with more people and spend more time with her, you realize she is an awful roommate. She doesn’t clean up for herself, tries to/ gets with the guys you like, and takes all of her friends. As you realize this you also realize there is no escape since you live with her and there is no where to hide. If you run into the roommate from hell, you are in my prayers.

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7. The Nerd Clan

The nerd clan is a very small population at Chapman that we know and love. From giving you class notes that you were too hungover to take yourself to leading study sessions which they are the only ones in the whole group that have any idea of whats happening. These sweet humans deserved to be cherished and are a must to befriend.


8. The “My Daddy Buys Me Everything” Girl

This is the girl who has no clue what the value of the dollar is. She drops money on everything and doesn’t know the meaning of budgeting even if it hit her in the face. She probably has a beach house on the East Coast or a penthouse somewhere in Europe and will NEVER let you forget it. Everything she owns is a high end brand and expects her squad of girls to have the same. Although very annoying this is a large population of Chapman.


9. The Stoner Squad

When walking onto the piazza there is at least one kid that looks like they are permanently faded. This is because they probably are. This is the group of friends that only talk about weed, smokes weed, say that they are “hella faded”, and eats fast food while somehow staying skinny. The stoner squad never knows whats happening in class but always knows how to have a good time.


10. The Division 3 Jock

We save the best for last! This is the typical athletic douche bag that makes everyone around him know that he is in fact an amazing athlete. Chapman University is not known for sports since we are a division three school and our focus is arts and academics. So with that being said, being on lets say the football team is not the best accomplishment. This guy will play girls better than he plays his sport. These guys are known for going through girls like water and even going through whole sororities! Although a lively addition to any party and honestly great friends, any girls looking for more than a one night stand should stay clear!

What types of people do you run into on campus at Chapman University? Share in the comments below!
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