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10 People You Will See At Georgia State

10 People You Will See At Georgia State

From Aderhold to the Rec Center, you never know who you’ll run into at Georgia State. Maybe the girl you met after class is your future bridesmaid or man touching your shoulder in the street really needs financial help. Either way, an afternoon stroll through the streets will unearth quite the characters. Keep reading for 10 people you will see at Georgia State.

1. The Late Frat Boy

He’s the guy who is constantly late to class and never fails to show off his letters…even when he’s wearing the exact same shirt he wore during the last class.

2. Homeless Homer

You know who I’m talking about―the masses of people congregating at Hurt Park and Woodruff Park. The ones who try to help you find a building when you look lost on the first day of classes, but are just as quick to ask you for a monetary donation for doing so. You feel bad for them, but you don’t really do anything about it.



3. The Confused Professor

He/she shows up to class with 1 second to spare, eats a Subway sandwich, and then begins class. It’s the professor you hate to love or love to hate.

4. The Weird Couple

The two who are always holding hands and demonstrating as much PDA as humanly possible to proudly send the message of “yes, I finally found someone who will date me.”


5. The Religious Man

Typically found shouting in the streets near library plaza, The Religious Man publicly promotes abstinence in the most annoying manner possible.

6. Kid you vaguely remember from high school.

It’s the girl or guy you remember from a class, but never chatted with. When passing them now, you may throw a quick wave or smile if they see you, but otherwise, they are ignored.



7. The Questioner

There is always some guy or gal who raises their hand every 2 minutes to ask a vaguely related question in class. Don’t let that be you. These are some of the most annoying people you will see at Georgia State. You could swear up and down they ask questions just to hear themselves talk, because God forbid they go an hour and fifteen minutes without doing so. Just let the professor, you know…profess.

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8. The Library Security Guards

I don’t mind them typically. Unless, you know, I forgot my Panther ID at home. Even so, they are there for our own safety so we can’t complain too much.


9. The Texter

It’s usually a girl. A girl who crosses busy Atlanta streets without even checking to make sure it was okay to cross. She’s probably just desperate to get her student loans paid off. I don’t blame her.

10. The row of people blocking the sidewalk.

Can’t go over them, can’t go under them, definitely can’t walk in a busy Atlanta street to go around them. These are the people that are dead to you. What’s worse? If they have rolling suitcase-like bookbags.



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