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10 People You Will Always Run Into At Primark

10 People You Will Always Run Into At Primark

Primark is a great place for buying cheap clothing, spending all of your money and inevitably running into these 10 people.

Oh, Primark, with your bank like facade and messy dressing rooms. It’s like Walmart for many Boston college students, it’s got everything you need. Cheap candles, insanely cheap clothing, knock-off versions of every type of popular shoe, gag gifts, batteries, cheap movies and much more. And, like Walmart, it often serves as this portal into another universe where you are bound to see strange things and buy questionable t-shirts against your will.

Whether you’re going with something particular in mind or with a group of friends out of boredom, Primark truly is a world away from the city streets outside its doors. Next time you’re wandering aimlessly around the section of Harry Potter apparel or venturing to the kids floor for returns, keep an eye out for these 10 people you will always- without question- run into.

10 People You Will Always Run Into At Primark

One of your professors…

…they’re probably shopping for cheap business casual wear because Emerson doesn’t pay them enough to be able to afford anything above Primark pricing. Sad, but true. If it’s your flamboyant philosophy professor who wears corduroy pants, avoid eye contact.

Somebody from one of your classes…

…who clearly also know you too but neither of you knows the other well enough to really say hi. Try to get past the awkwardness and say hi anyways or even just wave. At Emerson, you truly never know where your next friend is going to come from.

10 People You Will Always Run Into At Primark

Your roommate from first semester freshman year…

…who moved out without really telling you why and who you still see pretty much everywhere. Definitely keep your head down for this one.

A family with young children….

…who came to Primark for the day like it’s a theme park or Ikea and who sit on the couches taking up all the charging stations. Make sure to wash your hands later because they probably touched everything in the store.

A college student like yourself…

…who you don’t recognize but is walking around with armfuls of just underwear and socks. So in a weird way you do kind of recognize yourself in them. Don’t forget to grab a pack of socks on the way out.

10 People You Will Always Run Into At Primark

Tourists shopping in that small corner of the store…

…that sells Boston and Primark paraphernalia that you’ve also looked at but never bought. Point them towards Faneuil Hall, truly the only destination for tourist shopping in Boston.

Someone going through the makeup section…

…opening packages and testing out products like they’re at f*cking Sephora!! If you ever buy any makeup from Primark, make sure it’s sealed.

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10 People You Will Always Run Into At Primark

Teenagers from the Boston burbs…

…taking pictures for Instagram in front of the neon blue “Boston” sign blocking the entrance entirely. It takes you back to the first time you walked into Primark making you nostalgic, but only slightly.

A guy around your age…

…looking at ugly flannels with a confused look on his face. You fight the urge to tell him Primark is the one place you don’t buy flannels. If he’s cute, try to help him. I mean, you never know.

10 People You Will Always Run Into At Primark

One of your friends…

…who you didn’t know was going to Primark too and you both screech like little girls at the chances of running into each other. You decide to continue your shopping together because, in the end, Primark is a place for friends and memories!

Who do you run into when you go to Primark? Have any funny stories? Comment below!
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