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10 People You Will Always Run Into At Northeastern University

10 People You Will Always Run Into At Northeastern University

Northeastern has a very diverse student body, and you’ll find a wide variety of people on campus. From Snell to Steast, here are the types of people you will always run into at Northeastern University. Which one are you?

1. Sorority Girl

Quite likely wearing her letters or at least donning a colorful laptop sticker, the srat gals aren’t too hard to find on Northeastern’s campus. Hey, at least they don’t wear a crazy combination of over sized Ts, Nike shorts, and messy buns like they do down south.


2. International Student

Probably wearing a Canada Goose jacket when it’s 60 degrees out, chain smoking on Huntington, and chatting with their other international friends in their home language, Northeastern’s international kids are pretty much everywhere. They bring a super cool, worldly vibe to the school, as well as a handful of beautiful foreign accents.



3. The REALLY International Kids

So there’s the international kids and then there’s the INTERNATIONAL kids. I’m talking Chanel slipper-wearing, aggressively spiked backpack-donning students. They travel in packs down the street (usually insanely slowly) and make you wonder why they’re wearing their Gucci sunglasses at night.

4. D’Amore McKim Bros

Always darting back and forth between interviews and career fairs, the D’Amore McKim students are pretty omnipresent on campus. You’ll find them stressing about how sucky their group meeting is or posting the 900th Facebook status about their new co-op.


5. Frat guys

If you find a guy wearing Nantucket Red shorts on campus, chances are he’s in a frat and that he’s been featured on at least once. These dude-bros are pretty chill and are probably secretly chugging a beer out of a Camelbak.


6. The Interviewee

At Northeastern, it’s more typical to see someone wearing a suit to class than it is to see someone wearing sweatpants. With the hundreds of co-op interviews always happening, an outsider would be really confused if they were to walk into a Northeastern lecture hall on any given day. Whatever, we’re super well-dressed.


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7. The Athlete

Perpetually wearing red and black with at least two Northeastern logos, Northeastern’s athletes are super easy to spot. They’re probably in Steast beefing up or smugly walking into the ~athletes only~ Cabot gym.

8. The New Englander

Since Northeastern is located in Boston, there are a handful of New Englanders that attend. You’ll be able to spot them in their uniform Bean Boots, quilted vest, striped shirt, and baseball cap. Also, they’re probably sipping on a cup of Dunkin’.


9. The 24-year old

Because of Northeastern’s 5-year program and the tendency for international kids to take a gap year before they attend college, it’s not unusual to have a few 24 year olds in your classes. They usually have quite an impressive beard and/or a serious aura of maturity.


10. The kid that’s in all your classes

You know, the one that you literally see everywhere but have no idea what their name is? It’s awkwardly too late to introduce yourself and ask their name, so you hope that the situation never arises in which you need to actually address them.

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