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10 People You Will Always Run Into At Loyola University Chicago

10 People You Will Always Run Into At Loyola University Chicago


Loyola has a wide variety of people from all different backgrounds. But some people just fit into certain college stereotypes. Or maybe you meet a lot of people who all have similar personalities or just see a lot of people on campus who act similarly. Here are ten types of people you will always run into at Loyola University Chicago!

1. The Tablers

People who sit at tables in Damen for an org. Some of them are just there, with their posters and won’t bother you at all, but some of them are very passionate and will try to guilt trip you into writing a card for a child in the hospital but you have class on the 6th floor of Mundelien in 7 minutes and there’s an exam in that class.


2. The Film students

The people you see lugging around several large, bulky bags across campus or onto the shuttle but will refuse to be helped, or are outside at the crack of dawn, facing the lake wind to get the perfect sunrise shot. They might rope you into being the star in their project if they need someone. You might not see them for an extended period of time, due to editing, but when all the finals are due they are out.


3. “I’m Here For A Jesuit Education.”

The person who says they only applied to Jesuit institutions and decided on Loyola. They will bring it up when you start talking about other schools you applied to. They are very into the Jesuit values.


4. The person you vaguely know from class.

You sat next to them every day in Philosophy. You feel comfortable asking them for notes if you missed a class or sharing notes with them if they missed a class. You see them in Damen and they say hi to you, but you don’t know their name. Is it Kaitlyn? Kristen? Some other K name? Is it even a K?

5. The person you have several classes with.

Especially if you’re in a lesser-occupied major, like I am, you’ll have multiple classes with the same people. You’ll know them well enough to at least email them if you missed a class and want to know what you missed or if you make a Quizlet you can share it with them. You can talk in class about the other class(es) you have together, like if the teacher is ever going to post the grade to your last assignment. But you don’t know them well enough to hang out outside of class and the only way you’ll share numbers is if you’re working on a project together.


6. That one person who you’re pretty sure is you.

You have the same showering schedule, usually dress pretty similar, have the same opinions on TV shows and movies, have the same preferred SNL era, and enjoy the same musicals. Then you find out that you joined the same clubs, were involved in the same extracurriculars in high school, and have similar majors.


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7. The roommates who are inseparable and best friends.

They are always together. They made a joint Instagram account. They have cute bonding activities. Only they can roast each other and will fight anyone else who tries. They refer to each other as “roommate/soul mate/best friend” or “sweet, sweet angel” almost more than their actual names. They are best friends.

8. The Comedian

Is always making jokes. You don’t think they’ve ever been or can ever be serious. It’s fun at times, but not when the teacher is trying to go over the final and The Comedian cannot stop talking. It’s a hit or miss if they’re actually going to be funny, but the worse is when it’s always a miss.


9. The one person who LOOKS like their major.

There’s just something about them in the way that they dress or present themselves or their personality. You can guess that they’re education or theatre or English or business. You don’t know how, but you know.

10. The one person who appears to have it all figured out.

They always have their homework and go to office hours and wear business casual attire. They always answer questions in class. Then you find out they live in your building when they’re baking cookies, looking put together and casual, and color-coding their notes while you’re doing laundry in sweatpants and an old coffee-stained shirt, hair up in a messy bun with a scrunchy. But then they spill their coffee in class and you realize that they have flaws, just like anyone else.


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