10 Things People With Spotless Houses Do Every Week

You may think you’re keeping your house clean by doing the basics: making your bed in the morning, washing the dishes when you’re done with them, etc. But there are a few things that you could be doing each week to make sure that your spring clean doesn’t turn into a week-long process. Here are 10 things people with spotless houses do every week.

1. Clean out your refrigerator.

I know, it sounds like a pain, but if you do it before you do your shopping for the week it won’t be that bad. Take it one shelf at a time, scrub each shelf, and make sure there’s nothing growing in there that shouldn’t be. If you do it every week, there won’t be. Plus, this is a great way to keep track of your expiration dates. If you’re handling each product every week, you won’t have Ranch dressing that should’ve been thrown away a year ago.

Things people with spotless houses do.

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2. Mop your kitchen.

Yes, every week. You don’t know what’s accidentally been flicked down there while you’re cooking.

3. Clean your shower.

I don’t mean just collecting the hair out of the drain and off the walls. I mean getting a shower cleaner and scrubbing the grime off. A shower is meant to get you clean, so it should be one of the cleanest places in your whole house.

Things people with spotless houses do.

4. While you’re at it, scrub your toilet.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one likes a smelly bathroom.

5. Dust off all of your shelves, high ones included.

It might be a pain to climb all the way up there, but it’s worth it to see all of your knickknacks and books standing out the way they’re supposed to.

Things people with spotless houses do.

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6. Wash your sheets every week.

Sure, they may feel fine to the touch, but you spend a quarter of your day there. Sweat, skin, and dirt builds up.

7. Same goes for your towels.

No using the same bath towel or hand towel for longer than a week. You’re trying to keep yourself and your home clean; you don’t want the built up bacteria.

Things people with spotless houses do.

8. Take some time to clean your computer.

Wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth so that you don’t scratch it, get in between the keys to get the crumbs out, and wipe down the outside too. You spend so much time handling it that it can get kinda gross. Spotless houses don’t have to be impossible to maintain!

9. Spend some time wiping down all of your surfaces.

Bathroom, kitchen, and anything your cat might have sat on. It might not show now, but give it a few weeks and it will.

Things people with spotless houses do.

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10. The exterior of your house is important too.

Shake out the outside mat, sweep off the step, and pull the weeds out of the grass. It is, after all, the first thing your guests will see.

What are some other things people with spotless houses do? Let us know in the comments below!
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