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12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Queens

Please no one get offended, especially if you’re from Queens. This is all real talk and you know it! There are tons of different kinds of people in this city and when you’re walking the streets you’ll recognize them immediately just by knowing these “names” I’ve given them. Communities in Queens are so mixed that you will literally find every type of person you can think of here. Let’s consider this an opportunity for us to say that we do recognize each other, and that by doing so, we can learn to accept that there are different kinds of people right here in our small world called Queens. These are some of the people you will run into when in Queens!

The Friendly Neighbor

There’s always that one kind of neighbor who is extra friendly, or at least tries to be. They are found in many Queens communities. You always see them when you leave your house in the morning or when you’re getting home in the evening. They say hi and they let you know if the garbage pick-up schedule has changed, or if the mail man accidentally put your mail in their box. The Friendly Neighbor goes out of their way to make sure you get a hello before you start your day! Shout out to these types of people that keep the peace, and put the “commun” in community!

The Diligent Mom

Momming is tough. If you’re a mom in Queens you do a lot. School PTA meets, playground visits, library visits, church, shopping, and maintaining your household. If you see busy moms, they probably look exhausted and like they need a vacay. I’m not judging, just saying these moms need to be recognized. You’ll run into them anywhere, from trains and buses, to nail salons and the drop-off at schools, even target. When you see them and they look like they’ve had enough, just say “hey Mom, we appreciate you!” Shout out to the moms keeping the future of Queens in check!

The Fit Bits

If you’re from Queens you know you’ve seen these ladies around. They’re the spandex clad, fanny pack wearing, jogger moms/ladies that are always on the go and seem to have it together. They drop their kids off at school in their gym gear and march their way home with ear buds in. They’re running all over Queens. You know who you are! Ya’ll have that type of energy I wish my cup of coffee would give me each day. Shout out to you Fit Bits!

Mr. Fix It

The Mr. Fix It’s are everywhere in Queens. On roofs, sidewalks, front yards, under parked cars. You hit them up whenever you need help with something, because they’re handy and they’re masters of fixing issues both of their own kind and for the neighborhood. Yo Mr. Fix It! What’s good?! 👋🛠 These are some of the people you will run into when in Queens!

Suited Workers

These type of people that you’ll run into in Queens are the young or older, business savvy types. They’re always looking clean cut with high end suits and ties or business skirts and high heels. They know how to hustle and they gets paid. You’ll see them around busy areas or sometimes even on the MTA headed to their offices. Shout out to the Suited Workers we see ya’ll! 😆😎 These are some of the people you will run into when in Queens!

The Gang Stars

All right you know these characters when you seem them. They’re the urban-trend-wearering kind often passing by in a nice car or a hoop-dee with the music up loud. You’ll hear them jamming to the top hits like Cardi B, Ozuna, or Drake. Their particular attitudes and iconic behavior are a practiced style to ensure that everyone knows where they’re from. We count on them to keep the neighborhoods lit and legit. If you run into them ask them what’s going on or where the next good party is going to be at! They’ll know.

The Creepy Crackheads

No city’s perfect. We’ve got stoners here too. Everyone’d be lying if they said we didn’t. They’re another type of person you’ll run into, or more likely they’ll run into you. Ask you to borrow your cell phone, or if you can call them a cab. It’s really creepy and my only advice is to not be nice like me and keep it moving…These are some of the people you will run into when in Queens!

The Gossipers

These Queens people come in all shapes and sizes. They can be your neighbor or they can be complete strangers. Ever walk into a grocery store and have someone start quiet-talking to you about someone else? Lol. Yeah those are the gossipers. They’ll stop you anywhere at anytime because they’ve always got a story to tell. No harm done really, just cool people that like to converse and have a good laugh. Another type of person you’ll definitely run into when in Queens.

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The Religious

Like most Cities, we’ve got the door to door religious people here too. They’re making sure everyone keeps in touch with their spiritual side. I have respect for these ladies and gentlemen and always take time to listen to them when they come around. Maybe just give them a little bit of your time and hear what they have to say. No harm can come from it. Definitely a type of person you’ll run into in Queens. These are some of the people you will run into when in Queens!

The Cool Kids

I’m sure every city has these guys and girls. They’re trendy but not like the Gang Stars, they’re fashion forward and keep up with the latest of every style for every season. You’ll run into them basically anywhere in Queens, with colorful hair and awesome gear. But mind the attitudes because if they don’t know you, they probably don’t want to talk to you. 🙄😒

The Working Class

The fancy suits aren’t the only type of working class people in Queens. You’ll find plenty of hard workers–mechanical, nursing, and casually dressed–all over Queens. They’re the back bone of our city and the reason things operate around here. Shout out to the Working Class peeps! (The ones who actually do their jobs right! 😆😜). These are some of the people you will run into when in Queens!

The Culturally Appropriate

And the Culturally Appropriate, the final type of person I’ll tell you about. They are a great portion of our big, diverse city! Draped in clothes from the differing mother lands–Indian saris, African peplums and dashikis, Punjabi kurta’s–you’ll recognize these people by their culturally traditional attire. They stick to their roots and they show it off right here in Queens! And one thing I’ve noticed, is that they always have a majorly proud and cool walk. Shout out to the culturally appropriate people that make Queens a diverse place!

This definitely does not sum up all the types of people you’ll run into when in Queens, there are so many more. Don’t take my word for it, visit us one day and check us out. Let me know in the comments if you have people like this where you’re from!

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Ebony Girard

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