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5 Types People You Will Meet In Cooper Library at Clemson

5 Types People You Will Meet In Cooper Library at Clemson

There are always those types of people in the library. Here are 5 types of people you're bound to see in Cooper Library at Clemson.

We all know studying is a priority here at Clemson. Cooper Library is the place to be when attempting to get your work done. If you’ve made a trip to the Cooper Library at least a few times, you’ve definitely noticed a pattern of who regularly visits the library. Here are five types of people you will definitely meetĀ in Cooper Library at Clemson.

1. TheĀ Person Who is in Cooper Library to Get Shit Done.

Focused and determined. Everything you are not.

2. The Social Butterfly.

Some people are just there to socialize. It’s hard not to when you know almost everyone at Clemson.


3. The Guy Who Procrastinated on His Thesis Paper Worth 50% of His Final Grade and is Going on 5 Cups of Coffee and 2 Hours of Sleep.

I laugh at these people. I know, mean.

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4. The Group Project.

There’s always that one table full of people doing their best to procrastinate their lab report.


5. The Person Who is just in the Library for Starbucks.

Let’s face it this is half the library. Not judging. It’s a Clemson right of passage.

Can you think of any other types of people you would spot in Cooper Library at Clemson?! Comment below!
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