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14 People You’ll Always Run Into At UConn

14 People You’ll Always Run Into At UConn

During the school year you will run into many types of people during your daily commute to class. Read on for 14 people you will always run into at UConn.
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During the school year you will run into many types of people during your daily commute to class. Some are friends, some are listed here, and some are both. I see these people every day. Do you? Read on for 14 people you will always run into at UConn. 

1. The srat lovers

You will always find those Greek letters floating around campus. These are the true lovers of their respective sorority/fraternity. With all of their events they hold during the year they have many shirts to show off.

2. The one wearing pajamas

Some like to rock the flannel pajama pants daily, while others just roll out of bed and continue on with their day.


3. The preppy boy

My friends count the number of boys wearing salmon-colored shorts every fall. These boys usually wear Chubbies and their Sperrys every day, no matter the weather.

4. The athlete

We have plenty of them around campus, whether they’re running for a workout, straight out of practice, or just hanging in the U. If you find a girls basketball player it’s even better (because they’re basically celebrities).

5. That one person you see EVERYWHERE

There’s always that person that you’ve never actually met, but they’re always walking past you. You don’t know them but always find them in a crowd.


6. The one with the same few outfits

One or two people seem to only own 10 outfits because they are always wearing the same thing. I question if they just like that shirt or if it’s one of the only ones they own.

7. The people who are not seasonally dressed

There are always a few people wearing shorts or dresses during the dead of winter (which feels like 10 below in Storrs) or sweatshirts and jackets in September when it’s still so hot.

8. The kid on a bike

There’s usually at least one person cutting through crowds of students on their bike speeding past you. Beware for these people because they like to weave through everyone.


9. That kid from your floor

Every day I would see at least one person from my building. These are the people you are mutual friends with, but don’t know them well enough to say hi.

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10. That one person that’s in all your classes

Unless you’re in a more specialized major where everyone takes the same classes (like nursing and some engineering courses) you’ll find one or two people who are in 2-3 classes with you. I see some people 5 days a week solely because of sharing the same gen-ed.


11. The die-hard husky

This person is always bleeding blue. I have seen one or two people wearing UConn gear EVERY DAY. Those are some dedicated Huskies, folks.

12. The engineers

If you have ever seen an engineering major at UConn, you know that they all own at least one bright orange shirt. After living on the floor below Engineering House my first year I got used to them, and spot them all the time.

13. That one person who’s always running to class

There is always at least one person who missed their alarm or underestimates how far away their class is. They are either speed-walking or running to class. It’s also usually the same people each time.


14. Those who have tried too hard

These people have the perfect outfit, paired with flashy jewelry, sometimes wearing heels, and full hair and makeup. I question it even more when they are so composed before an 8AM. I’m still half asleep while this person looks like they have their whole life figured out.

Who are some other people you will always run into at UConn? Let us know down below!
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