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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At San Diego State

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At San Diego State

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At San Diego State

Here at San Diego State University, you’ll find a wide variety of people. From sorority girls to skater boys, there’s a group for just about everyone. However, there are 10 people who you are sure to spot if you step foot on SDSU’s campus.

1. Sorority Girls

With Greek life being such a big part of San Diego State, you’re sure to run into swarms of sorority girls anywhere, at any time. You can spot them by their matching bags, shirts, hats, jackets, and just about any other accessory you can think of. They make up about 75 percent of Starbucks at any given time, and miraculously avoid death when Snapchatting in the bike lane.


2. Frat Boys

Where there are sorority girls, frat boys are sure to follow. Almost as easy to spot as the sorority girl, frat boys are easily spotted repping their “Rush [insert frat name here]” shirts all over campus. They can be found playing beer pong, lifting at the gym, and skateboarding too quickly over the bridge. They’re also most likely sitting in the back row of class watching football on his phone.

3. Skater Boys

Seemingly almost every boy on campus falls under this category, but there are the true skater boys who take skating to another level. If you go to San Diego State, you’re sure to know the skater hangout spot at the end of the bridge outside Olmeca. Here is where you can watch groups of skater boys (unsuccessfully) attempt skate tricks at all hours of the day.


4. The Incense Man

If you go to SDSU I don’t even need to explain this picture to you, but for those of you not fortunate enough to know “The Incense Man,” I’ll explain. He’s the man who stands next to the skater boys and holds a bundle of incense walking back and forth and muttering something to himself that I have yet to ever catch. Now that I think about it, I’ve never actually seen someone purchase incense from him…


5. Flyer People

Walking across the bridge is a difficult, yet necessary test. Besides having to dodge bikers, skaters, and sorority girls, you will come across the people who hand out flyers. There’s the guy who hands out first-time Lyft codes that are completely useless because what college student hasn’t used Lyft before? Then there’s the more useful flyers for cool things like comedy shows, open mic nights, and theatre productions. Either way, don’t be that jerk who looks away and won’t take the flyer, because we all know how much they must hate their job.

6. Aztec Dance Marathon Supporters

Aztec Dance Marathon is one of the biggest fundraisers on campus, and you’re sure to see people advertising for it EVERYWHERE. From tabling, to handing out flyers, to posting on Facebook and Instagram, you’re sure to know at least two people who are fundraising for ADM. Especially now that ADM is starting up, you can’t miss these passionate students.


7. Slackliners

Some of the coolest people on campus in my opinion are the people who do slacklining in the courtyards. If you’ve never heard of slacklining, it’s when you attach a slack cord from one tree to the other, and it has a little bit of give. You then have to walk across it using extreme balance and body control, something I have less than none of. Next time you pass by them give it a try, you’re sure to see these slackliners in a new and magical light.

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8. Union Entertainers

There’s always something cool happening in the union, my favorite being the open mic night. You’re almost always guaranteed to see someone performing on the stairs, the perfect entertainment while you eat your Chipotle or Shakesmart. If there are no musical performances, there’s sure to be booths set up handing out free food, which is almost as good as free music.


9. Protestors

About once a month outside East Commons, you’ll run into the people who preach about sin and Jesus, completely targeting the acts of college students. They rile up crowds of students with their signs and screaming through bullhorns, and always get in a fight with that one guy who has to fight back at the protestor to no avail. But don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to East Commons to see it in person, it will be on about 10 of your friends’ Snapchat stories for your personal viewing.

10. The Unicyclist

Last but certainly not least, is the unicycler. This man defies all odds by riding his unicycle uphill and across the bridge, dodging crowds along the way. I have no idea who this unicycle riding man is, but if you go to San Diego State, you’ve definitely run into him before. Mad respect man, keep on cycling.


Who else do you see at San Diego State? Let us know below!

Featured image source: SDSU