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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Arizona State

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Arizona State


There are certain types of people you will always see throughout college and probably life in general. But from the beautiful to the beautifully unprepared, Arizona State University really has both extremes and everyone in between. And whether you love it or hate it, these different people and their perspectives will most likely influence your college career. Here are 10 types of people you’ll always run into at Arizona State University.

1. The Jock

This person is typically male and extremely strong. They practically live in the SDFC and all they drink is protein. They always carry a BlenderBottle and follow the latest exercise clothing trends: currently male leggings under gym shorts.

2. The Proud Frat Guy + His Bros

These Arizona State boys hang out in groups of three or more and are typically talking about the next frat event or some girl they met the night before. They are typically very loud and dressed alike, all repping their little lapel pin. In the words of a friend from back home, they make up “a sea of salmon pants.”


3. The Sorority Sister With Her Lettered Tote

These girls are also dressed alike and usually have glamorous makeup on. They are always talking, but since there are usually many of them, what they are talking about is unknown. They always have the latest shoes and accessories like that fluffy keychain thing. And of course, they always have their trusty tote bag with their Greek letters.

4. The Bookworm

This person carries all of their textbooks to classes and makes my back hurt just thinking about it. They always know when the assignments are due, when the test is, word for word what’s in the syllabus, and their current grade. You always see them in same spots on campus like the MU by the fireplace or Hayden.

5. The Girl That Could Use Some More Clothes

The weather is pretty much always amazing in Tempe, so clothes can seem optional to this person. They are commonly wearing just a bra as a shirt and “shorts” if they can be considered such things. They can also be seen leaving the SDFC in a swimsuit because, let’s be honest, swimming is so much better than working out.


6. The Arizonian

This person was born and raised in the beautiful state we study in. They know all the hiking places, everywhere to swim, and have all the best photos of the sunsets. They typically go home on the weekends.

7. The Unprepared One

This person comes to class without a backpack and sometimes without a notebook and or pen. They always ask to borrow notes and when they get A’s on assignments you think to yourself, “HOW?” They’re usually rocking ASU sweats and looking good while doing it.

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8. The Outspoken One

This person always gives their opinion in class and is the first to start an argument. They always have questions for the professor – some good, some unnecessary – and they are the first to tell you their life story.

9. The New Couple

This couple can be seen anywhere on campus and is easily spotted by their slow strolling, hand holding, nose kissing, and pre-class making out. You can see them hogging benches or standing in the middle of the crowded sidewalk saying goodbye, just like in high school.

10. That Old Professor You Always See

There’s at least one professor you’ve had that you see on campus all the time. Usually it’s one you weren’t exactly fond of, and they always recognize you.


Do you know of any other people you’ll always see at Arizona State? Let us know below!

Featured image source: Cronkite News