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Patterns To Look Out For This Season

It’s time to put away everything summer and spring and start restocking with fall and winter wardrobe staples and essentials. With the new season coming up, so are new patterns and garments! So settle down, grab a coffee because we’re going to go over some of the best and iconic patterns to look out for this season.

1. Plaid

Plaid can be described as a piece of tartan traditionally made from dyed or stained wool. The word “plaid” is actually interpreted differently by many people in many different contexts with many meanings. For starters, plaid can be a woolen cloth for one person, but for another, it can be a fabric pattern, and even a type of clothing. By today’s usage, we would define plaid as any type of fabric with a check pattern consisting of long stripes running horizontally and vertically, crossing each other. The plaid pattern could also be made on the fabric as part of the fabric weave or it could be a printed pattern. With Christmas coming up this pattern trend is going to be all over the place. You can spot the plaid trend often in pajamas and even in modern day wear, like jackets or womens blouses. The best attire to wear with plaid would no doubt ably be blazers and over coats, you could even consider wearing a flannel. What really makes the plaid pattern look good on a person is the simplistic full look of red and black that somehow gives off the illusion of wealth and status.

2. Houndstooth

Houndstooth can be described as a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colors can be used. Houndstooth may have originated as a pattern in woven tweed cloth from the Scottish Lowlands, but today is now used in many other woven fabrics aside from wool. The classic houndstooth pattern is a mere example of a tessellation. For decades Houndstooth has been associated with the preppy culture but today’s leans more diverse. In the 90’s you’d often spot a Houndstooth blazer set, but now you can spot the pattern in many different looks from apparel to accessories, such as shirts and handbags. This pattern is often featured on the runway, which helped boost the significance of the pattern along the years. The best use of this pattern is for it to be sewn into the pattern as opposed to being printed as it gives a more prestigious look.

3. Zebra

The zebra pattern is a current trending print as people are starting to lean back towards animal print. This particular pattern has been used in the past but not as boldly as we use it today. Like Houndstooth, the zebra pattern is a duotone textile pattern that is characterized by black and white but has zebra stripes that can also range in color. This pattern is popular because of how easy the design is to create, it is not as loud as most animal prints but it makes a statement. You can spot the zebra pattern in many movies and Tv shows, one of the best examples being the 2021 reboot Gossip Girl. In the first episode were introduced to the main character Julien Calloway, an upper east side influencer/ model who at the end of the show participates in this amazing fashion show and shows off a long and elegant half zebra/ checker print Saks Fifth Avenue dress that was described as ‘Triumphed”. Although the price of the dress cost a significant amount of money, cheaper similar options are going to be available all season long!

4. Ruffled

The ruffle look dates  all the way back to the 15th century and is described as a wavy effect achieved without gathers or pleats but cutting a curved strip of fabric to apply to the inner or shorter edge of a garment. Through the years this look has evolved to be less dramatic in modern garments such as ruffled blouses or shirts. This vintage look started with men and women but is often associated today by wealthier women today with a keen sense of chic and elegance. Fortunately for men, the ruffle look is also available as some retailers have tons of modern ruffled shirts for men, and even not so modern but high fashion ruffled shirts. The pattern isn’t just significant because of its history, but because of the title and status that goes along with it. People who wear this print are often associated with class and dignity. This look is most popularized by costume designers for movies that are to take place in the 15th century or later. Most popular movies using the ruffled pattern would be Little Women, King, and Marie Antoinette, as it won an award for best costume design.

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5. Argyle

Last but not least, Argyle is a pattern made up of diamonds or lozenges that overlays the intercrossing diagonal lines on a solid diamond, adding dimension and illusion. This particular pattern originated from Scotland in at least the 17th century. The Argyle pattern really started to take off in Great Britain and then The United States after World War 1 in 1914. This pattern in Scotland was popularized by the Duke of Winsdor as he wore argyle clothing for golf clothing such as jerseys and long socks. You can mostly see this iconic pattern in the United States at private schools, boarding schools, and of course the golf course used as uniform, but sometimes you can spot an argyle skirt out on the street or even socks on business men and it looks modern. Not a fan of the uniform look? Consider argyle accessories like a tote bag or computer bag, you can often spot someone with an argyle handbag.

With all these patterns in mind, what are you going to try out? And if you’ve already tried something feel free to comment what you thought about it to give others an idea of how the garment might feel. All opinions are valued and considered.

Mikhail Rickman

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