Pastel Eyeshadow Looks For Your Daily Outings

Picking a color scheme for an eyeshadow can be difficult when there are so many colors to chose from in a pallete. Then you have to decide if you’re going for a more natural or dramatic look and whether or not you want to use matte or shimmer. With spring around the corner its the perfect time to start using the pastel colors for a pop of color to your daily look. If you need help finding the perfect pastel eyeshadow look for a daily outing you’ve come to the right place all things matte and shimmer is coming right up. 

Inner Corner Highlight

The first eyeshadow look is a very simple look and can be done with any pastel eyeshadow color you have. This inner corner eyeshadow highlight takes barely any time but looks amazing. This can be done when you don’t have much time to get ready or want to do a quick eyeshadow look before heading out the door. When wearing a patterned outfit or something that has a lot going on already this small pop of color won’t be too overwhelming. The best way to do this is to pick a pastel color that goes with your outfit. You want to use a smaller brush so you can get it on your inner corner, spraying a setting spray on the brush then putting it in the eyeshadow will make it more pigmented. If you want a softer look then use a light amount of eyeshadow, for more of a color pop don’t be afraid to add more layers. Adding a highlighter os shimmer eyeshadow over the pastel color can give it a girly touch and make your look stand out more in the sunlight. 

Inner Corner Eyeshadow


Cut Crease 

A cut crease can be more time consuming but looks very elegant so it is worth the work. Because a cut crease is more of a bold look wearing a casual outfit would work best and wouldn’t take away from the look. The pastel color is applied to the entire eyelid so pick a color that you would feel confident in. This look would be perfect for a lunch date or a shopping trip. In order to do a cut crease, you need to pick a darker color and apply it on the crease of your eye, but if you want to keep the pastel theme you can add complimenting pastel colors to the crease. Using concealer and a fine tip eyeshadow brush apply it to the eyelid making a defined line between the crease and eyelid. Then going in with the pastel color on the entire eyelid. This example below added glitter to separate the crease and eyelid but for a daily outing, you can opt-out. 

An idea for a pastel cut crease look

Eyeshadow as eyeliner 

Putting eyeliner on the lower lash line can create a bolder look that would create more of a night time look. Something that I have recently started to do and think it makes the biggest difference in bringing out my eyes is using eyeshadow on the lower lash line. This is a subtle look that also Using a lighter color can make your eyes pop and appear bigger. Referring back to the first look using a pastel color in the inner corner and then with a flatter eyeshadow brush line the lash line with a complementing pastel color or for a bolder look use a pastel color that is contrasting. This eyeshadow look would be great for a girl’s day!


This look can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter

Soft Shimmer 

Shimmer eyeshadow looks are my go-to. When out during the day shimmer eyeshadow looks so amazing when the sunlight hits it. It can also turn a simple look into something more elegant and fun. For this look use a pastel color in the crease, I think the orange color is still neutral and gives off a softer look. This eyeshadow look would be ideal for a day when you have errands to run or for a coffee date. After blending out the pastel color into the crease apply a gold or cream shimmer shade all over the eyelid. Then taking that same pastel color and mixing it with a color that is similar but a shade darker go into the outer corner out the eyelid and blend it out. 

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Idea for a shimmer pastel look

Pastel Fun 

Some days we wake up and feel really good about ourselves. This look is for those days when we feel the most confidence. If you feel good about yourself and start the day off in a good mood you want to carry that on throughout the rest of the day. This eyeshadow look will make you stand out and with the fun pastel colors, it’ll represent your good mood. Although this look may seem a bit bold because of the use of multiple pastel colors if your feeling yourself there’s no shame in rocking this look for your daily outing. For this look pick 2 or 3 of your favorite pastel colors. Taking the darkest of the pastel colors apply and blend it into the crease of the eye. Then take one of the colors and apply it onto the lower lash line and inner corner of the eyelid to the middle of the eyelid. Take the third color and blend it into the outer corner of the eyelid. If you would like you could add a lighter shimmer shade to the inner corner to open up the eyes. You can add your own twist to eyeshadow looks and pick colors you prefer but this picture below is a great example. 

How to use pastel colors to make a bolder look


More Pastels Please

Some days we like to sit around and don’t have much going on but for the days when you have to leave the house don’t be afraid to use some pastel eyeshadow looks. Sometimes bold colors can seem like they will be too bold for a daily outing which is why subtle hints of pastel give you color without giving off a dramatic effect.

There is a look for everyone whether you like matte, shimmer, something easy, and quick, or something more elegant. Pastel eyeshadow colors are on trend for spring and even summer, be sure to keep these eyeshadow looks on hand for the next time you get ready.