15 Party Themes To Try Before The End Of The Semester

We are halfway through the first semester! I can’t believe how fast it is going, the first few weeks flew before our eyes and before we will know it, exams will come. Most of us are probably getting pretty stressed because of all the essays and assignments creeping up on us. A perfect way to destress is getting together with your friends and throwing an unforgettable party. This is why I created a list of 15 party themes you should definitely try before this term ends!

1. Stranger Things Party

It is safe to say most of us are pretty obsessed with Stranger Things and if you’re not… no comment. Decor for this party can be pretty simple, the main thing is probably the alphabet and lights on the wall, other than that you’re good to go. Get everyone dressed like in the ’80, put together a playlist full of amazing songs and binge watch either the first or the second season or both if you feel like it! This is one of the party themes we love.

2. Spa Party

Tired, stressed and feel like life is falling apart? Get your girlfriends and have a Spa Party! You can do some DIY face masks (or buy a lot if your budget allows you), paint your nails, gossip – do whatever feels right to leave you fresh and relaxed!

3. Black and White Ball

If you feel like throwing a fancy party and dress up a little, throw a Black and White Ball. Have everyone dressed in only these two colours and make sure the decor matches this theme as well! To add a spark make sure all the drinks and snacks are black and white as well!

4. All White Party

Similar to the previous one, but totally inspired by Gossip Girl! It’s a great way for all the girls to finally know what to wear to the party – obviously something white. I can guarantee all of you will feel like the privileged teenagers from the TV show! This is one of our favorite party themes.

5. Garden Party

I know most of the days are now cold and rainy and definitely not inviting to throw a party outside. However, there still will be at least a few days with a little bit of sunshine and warmth perfect to gather around your favourite people! Set up a tent in your garden, fill it with fairy lights, pillows, blankets and snacks and you’re good to go!

6. Murder Mystery Party

Who doesn’t like a little bit of mystery? Come up with a story or find one that you like online. Make sure all your guests are dressed accordingly to the period of time you chose, don’t forget to decorate your flat as well!

7. Book Club Party

If you and your friends happen to be book geeks this idea for a party is perfect for you! Decorate your room with blankets, snacks, warm drinks and, of course, books. You can share your favourite quotes and novels, a great idea is also reading a book together that night and then discussing it!

8. Game Night

Everyone, no matter the age, love board games! Especially if you want to drink, it’s really easy to incorporate alcohol into the rules. Have everyone bring their favourite games and snacks, play some good music. Just remember that it is so much easier to get drunk fast when playing games, so put a big glass of water next to everyone!

9. James Bond Party

Want to dress fancy, drink martini (shaken, not stirred of course) and pretend you’re a spy? Have a James Bond themed party! You could combine this with a murder mystery idea as well if you feel like it!

10. Disney Movies Night

It’s hard to meet someone who doesn’t like Disney movies. Also I feel there is nothing that can’t be solved with a marathon of cartoon movies from your childhood. Prepare cute snacks and have your guests dress as their favourite characters! Instead of watching movies you can also come up with Disney-themed games like ‘Guess from which movie this song is from’!

11. Karaoke Party

Sometimes all you need from life is singing your lungs out with your girlfriends and dancing to your favourite songs! If that sounds good to you, throw a Karaoke Party. There are many channels on YouTube offering full songs you can choose from and no one will notice your microphones are bottles of vodka.

12. Everything Galaxy Party

Galaxy theme was in some time ago, so why not bring it back with a fun galaxy party? Transform your whole flat into space, using deep blue and fairy lights. If you’re a fan of Star Wars you can also bring both of those themes together. Make sure to prepare snacks that will fit in with your decorations!

13. ‘Frost Yourself’ Party

Feeling a little fancy? Throw a party names ‘Frost Yourself’. Why? It’s all about the diamonds – fake or real, doesn’t really matter. If you want inspiration look at the party Ben takes Andy to in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days! Now you know exactly where the idea for this comes from!

14. The Greatest Showman Party

Transform your flat into a circus with this film inspired party theme! Prepare a stage and encourage your guests to share their talents, no matter if it’s gymnastics, dancing or singing! For music definitely start with The Greatest Showman playlist! This is one of the party themes you don’t want to miss.

15. Beach Party

Summer is long gone, but that’s even one more reason to bring it back with a party! Have your friends dress in swimsuits, get some floaties, and prepare drinks with cute small palm trees or umbrellas. Create a playlist with all the tunes you listened to this summer and have a summer party of your life in the middle of autumn! This is one of the best party themes.

Are you planning to throw a party this semester? Let us know if you use any of these party themes in the comments below!
Featured Image Source: http://themocracy.com/5-fun-birthday-party-themes-for-adults/
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