Part Time Jobs For Full Time College Students

Part time jobs are essential when it comes to making money at college however finding one that works alongside your studies isn’t always easy. With everything from disjointed timetables, long holidays and nights out getting in the way, a lack of ideas when it comes to work, might leave you strapped for cash. However, If you’re broke, don’t stress. There are a whole lot of part time jobs out there that are perfect for college students. These are our favourites.

Work in a cafe

Cafe work is one of those part time jobs that are great for college students. That’s because it’s very flexible, fun and once you’ve worked in one cafe, you’ll be able to do the same pretty much anywhere in the world so it’s a really good set of skills to have.

Part Time Jobs For Full Time College Students

Paid internships

Why not integrate a part time job with building your resume? A paid part time internship is a fantastic way to earn some money alongside your degree while also getting some experience in the field that you hope to work in while you graduate. The best thing about an internship is that they generally very accommodating when it comes to college commitments and usually only require you to come in for one or two days a week.

Work for your college

A flexible timetable, a convenient location and the chance to chat with your mates while you’re working; working at your college is such a good option if you’re looking for part time jobs that you can fit around your studies. There are so many job opportunities at college from being a student ambassador to working in your college cafe and the best thing about doing so is that you’ll have no problem getting time off for the holidays.

Part Time Jobs For Full Time College Students


Tutoring is a great way to make a little extra cash alongside your studies and it’s also a really good bit of experience to be able to put on your CV. You could offer lessons on absolutely anything be it sports coaching, teaching english or offering help with IT.

Research groups

If you want to make a little extra money alongside your studies then participating in research groups is a great alternative to other part time jobs. There are plenty of research companies out there that you can sign up. Then you can participate in research discussions, test products and fill out surveys online in exchange for money.

Part Time Jobs For Full Time College Students

Temp jobs

If you don’t want to be committed to working at a certain place for so many hours per week then temping could be the ideal option for you.
Temp agencies provide businesses with staff for anything from a few hours to a few weeks and all you need to do is sign up with one. There’s a huge variety in the work that you can find as a temp and it can include waitressing, bar work or admin duties so it never gets boring.

Freelance writer

If you’ve got a way with words then why not put your writing skills to good use and actually make money through it? Freelance writing work is a fantastic way to make a little money alongside college and it’s a great alternative to other part time jobs because you can do it from home. What’s more, having a set of published work by the time that you finish college will look great on your resume.

Part Time Jobs For Full Time College Students

There are so many part time jobs out there that are perfect for college students, it’s just a case of thinking outside of the box.  Don’t let the thought of long shifts and a lack of flexibility hold you back, these days making money doesn’t mean you have to work the 9-5. How do you make money in college? Comment below to let us know

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