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10 Parisian Inspired Things To Add To Your Dorm Room

Paris is one of the most well-known and iconic cities in the world. Even before the Age Of Information and everything being digitally available at our fingertips, many people fell in love with the city they had never been to and dreamed of eventually traveling there. Seen as one of the most romantics places on the planet, it still serves as one of the top destinations for weddings and honeymoons, while also being a beacon of inspiration for a lot of young adults. As a college student, it may be your dream to study abroad in France, Paris calling you will all its history, culture, fine arts, and food. If that is the case, here are 10 affordable Parisian-inspired things to add to your dorm room to keep you goal-oriented and inspired!

1. A Print Of The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. Locally nicknamed “La Dame De Fer” (French for “Iron Lady”), it was constructed from 1887 to 1889 as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair and has become a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

This downloadable print is a fantastique start! Not only is it a magnifique image, once printed to the size you want you can find the perfect frame to fit your style. It can stand alone or be the centerpiece to a mood board wall; a collage filled with Parisian images, string lights, ivy, and roses.

Get the look:

2. Faux Airline Ticket To Paris

If you have gone to Paris, this is a unique way to immortalize your trip. If you have not – yet, this is a fun way to keep your eye on the prize!

This downloadable template allows you to create a faux boarding pass to Paris, where you are able to customize the name, departure location, date, and time of the flight. The beautiful pastel design, featuring the Eiffel Tower, will be a wonderful compliment to the rest of your Parisian decor. And! You could always make more for the people you are going with on the trip, whether it is family, friends, or a significant other. 

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3. Fleur De Lis Wall Hooks

The fleur-de-lis, is a stylized lily (in French, fleur and lis mean ‘flower’ and ‘lily’ respectively) that is used as a decorative design or symbol. The fleur-de-lis has been used in the heraldry of numerous European nations but is particularly associated with France, notably during its monarchical period. As France is a historically Catholic nation, the fleur-de-lis became “at one and the same time, religious, political, dynastic, artistic, emblematic, and symbolic”, especially in French heraldry. 

One of the most well-known problems of dorm rooms is the lack of storage, so here is an easy but useful solution while still being pretty and fitting the Parisian theme. Perfect for berets, headphones, scarves, or purses, it comes with plenty of hooks! (And if this isn’t just perfect for you, the shop has a lot of options.)

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4. Ornate Brass Mirror

This has become quite a trend on social media, having ornate brass or gold hand or vanity mirrors to take close-up reflection shots of jewelry, clothing, or other feminine and delicate things. It is perfect for the Romantic Academia aesthetic, for any vintage-inspired aesthetic, and, of course, the Parisian aesthetic!  Though it may take a while to find just the right one, there are plenty of thrift stores, antique shops, and people on Etsy selling them. (And, if you do not like the color of the frame, you can always spray paint it.) The one linked is perfect for hanging on the wall, but there are plenty that are styled with a base so it can sit on your desk.

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5. Paris Mug

And speaking of sitting on your desk… here is a perfectly Parisian mug with all the iconic things of Paris: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triumph, Notre Dame, macarons, a coffee with a croissant, and French phases like “Bonjour” (which means good morning)! Whether you use the mug for coffee during an all-night study session or to hold your pencils and highlighters, it is another useful way to bring Paris into the dorm room. 

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6. Vintage Crystal Perfume Bottle

What’s more Parisian than French perfume in one of these bottles with atomizer and tassel? And it does not have to cost a fortune, either. Here is just one affordable option of a vintage perfume bottle, with a beautifully etched design of lily! (How very Fleur De Lis.) Then you can your favorite perfume and use it on the regular, or keep it as a beautiful item on display. This is definitely one of those special pieces that will follow you on your journey well after college. 

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7.  Mini Venus De Milo Statue

The Venus de Milo is an ancient Greek statue and one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. Created sometime between 130 and 100 BC, the statue is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, although some scholars claim it is the sea-goddess Amphitrite, venerated on Milos. It is a marble sculpture, slightly larger than life-size at 203 cm (6 ft 8 in) high. It is currently on permanent display at The Louvre Museum in Paris.

Though there are many famous statues at The Louvre, Venus De Milo is one that holds a special place in my heart and reminds me of the beauty and feminine nature of Paris. For this mini statue, the actual Venus De Milo was scanned, and this particular shop printed a 3D model. Highly detailed, it is lightweight and available in two sizes. 

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8. French Rose Pillow

Speaking of the beauty and feminine nature of Paris, this would be the perfect pillow for your dorm room bed! Though a little more French country-inspired, it showcases a stunning rose across the pillowcase and is finished off with a ruffle detail. Subtle and vintage, it is a sophisticated yet comfy way to feel like a Parisian. 

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9.  Macaron Candles

French macarons have become a staple of the aesthetic. If you haven’t had them before, they are absolutely delicious and come in a wide variety, from traditional to weirdly funky flavors! (Hopefully, there is a bakery near you that makes them, but if not check out – they ship nationwide.) So, why not bring le petit, delightful, sweet treats into your dorm room? Available in different scents and colors, the pastel macaron candles are a cute and flirty way to do that.  

Get the look:

10. Parisian Tray

Whether you are having a friend or significant other over in your room, this tray is a unique but helpful thing to whip out. Perfectly stable on your bed, it would be a great place to put drinks, snacks, cell phones, or school supplies. 

Get the look:

Hopefully, all of these merveilleuses suggestions have helped you on your journey to transforming your dorm room from American drab to Parisian fab! Comment below any other amazing Paris-inspired finds and keep an eye on Society19 for other dorm room tips and tricks!

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