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10 Pantyhose That Prove They Are Back In Style

Pantyhose were once a necessity in every woman closet, and as time has gone on they have become less favorable and seen as unfashionable. And after years of wearing them as kids for every formal occasion, you start to resent them. But in winter the it’s so cold you sometimes need an extra layer on your legs, even if its really thin. These can actually add to an outfit and with the variety of colors and patterns these come in, you’ll be getting more pantyhose than you’ve ever had before. But even with pantyhose making a comeback, flesh tone pantyhose will never come back in style, sorry not sorry. 

1. Polka Dot

Polka dot panty hose are my absolute favorite when it comes to pantyhose. They add the perfect pop to any outfit. I wear all black for work, so it’s nice that even in a monochromatic outfit there can still be good style. Polka for aren’t just for little kids, they are really cute and can add to anyones outfit, regardless of age. I have these in all black with black polka dots, but you can get them in any color and combination. Black will match almost anything you wear and making wearing black pantyhose less boring than solid black.

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2. Brown

I was an absolute hater on any color of pantyhose that could be a flesh color, but these priced me wrong. I hate mixing brown and black if I can avoid it and wearing a tan or brown skirt just didn’t seem right pairing it with black pantyhose, and sometimes its just too damn cold to not wear them. I had a really old pair of brown tights and wore them with a tan skirt and actually loved it. I made the entire outfit shades of brown and cream and loved the simplicity of the colors together. Nothing was the exact same color but since they were all in the same color scheme it worked and now I wear brown pantyhose with anything in the earthy tone color family. 

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3. Burgundy

This was a fad in the 2010’s when everyone was wearing chevron and bubble necklaces. (Honestly a bad time for all of us) so burgundy pantyhose tend to catch some flack from being associated with that trend. However burgundy pantyhose are actually really cute, they are almost neutral enough to wear with most outfits but they add a pop of color without being too much. They are a great accent to a grey dress or black dress so that your outfit doesn’t look too blah in winter. So before you throw this color out from PTSD of bubble necklaces, give it a try in a more modern outfit.

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4. Pantyhose and Shorts

I once saw Rachel Green wearing pantyhose with shorts, so I wore pantyhose with shorts. Although she was no Regina George, Rachel Green will forever be a fashion icon. Pantyhose and shorts are actually a really great combination and just as fashionable as a skirt, but more casual. You may want something more dressy than leggings, but you can only wear your jeans so many times without washing them so you need another alternative. Take your black or denim shorts from summer and throw some pantyhose on under them for a winter look. This can be more difficult to pull off so making sure that you style it right is key. Darker colored shorts will pair better and seem more winter appropriate, so take your olive, burgundy and black shorts and try them out with pantyhose this winter!

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5. Fishnet

Fishnet pantyhose will always give me flashbacks to doing theatre in high school. This and red lipstick were a must for atlas one show a year, but outside of Halloween and theatre, there are fishnet pantyhose that are actually appropriate for the workplace and look great with your winter clothes. Fishnet pantyhose with a smaller pattern and that are sheer with the fishnet overlay are hardly noticeable as fishnet and look more like a fun pattern. These like the polka dot one can add a little personality to your otherwise boring suit set. (and I don’t say that lightly, I love a good suit set). If you want another place to wear true fishnet pantyhose, wearing them under ripped jeans are a great edgy look that will add some variety to your wardrobe. 

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6. Sheer

This will always remind me of 90s fashion. The sheer black pantyhose, mini dresses and strappy sandals. Thankfully we have evolved from the strappy sandals and are falling in love with the sheer tights and mini dresses again. Sheer tights are perfect for more formal occasions or date night. They are sexier than normal pantyhose and don’t completely hide your legs like so many other tights do. Although these are thinner and won’t keep yours warm, it’s goo to have one or two for any special occasions you may have.

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7. Glitter

Glitter pantyhose can either be stunning or disgusting, it all depends on the quality and how you style it. The ones with rhinestones on them are the ones that everyone should own, the ones that have glitter in the pantyhose should probably be saved for Halloween. The rhinestone glitter pantyhose will add a  pop to an already elegant outfit, they pair perfect with slip dresses and mini skirts.

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8. Floral

If you’re looking for another option that can add a little flare instead of solid black pantyhose, a floral pattern may be your answer. A rose pattern paired with a red dress is a sweet look for date night, or a subtle floral pattern under your grey work skirt is a greta way to add some style to the workday. Floral is such a sweet and pretty look that it may be the missing element in your wardrobe, with a denim skirt and a turtleneck you’ve changed your outfit from ordinary to exceptional. 

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9. Leopard

I have a rule that is leopard is a choice you always buy the leopard pattern. When I discovered leopard pantyhose you better believe I searched everywhere I could and the bought several pairs the moment I found them. My favorite are black (because I am boring) but they also come in traditional leopard which would look amazing with a brown skirt. Believe me once you see how much these can elevate your outfit, you won’t want to wear normal pantyhose again.

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10. Houndstooth

There really isn’t a more winterized pattern than houndstooth. Houndstooth can come in traditional black and white, shades of brown, shades of black or basically anything you could want. Getting black or brown will ensure you can wear it with more outfits but if you want something to really stand out, get black and white to even a colored pair. Houndstooth is the quintessential pattern of winter and such chic and fun way to embrace the ridiculous cold.

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Which pantyhose style is your favorite? Which ones are you going to style this winter? Comment below and let us know!

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